Scanning Electron Microscope


The Verios is the second generation of FEI’s leading XHR (extreme high resolution) SEM family. It provides sub-nanometer resolution from 1 to 30 kV and enhanced contrast needed for precise measurements on materials in advanced semiconductor manufacturing and materials science applications, without compromising the high throughput, analytical capabilities, sample flexibility and ease of traditional Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

FEI Verios SEM for Life Sciences

With sensitive biological samples, beam damage from high imaging voltages prevents seeing the critical details in cellular research. The Verios XHR scanning electron microscope (SEM) can be operated at a beam voltage as low as 1kV to minimize sample interference without sacrificing resolution and contrast. Biological researchers can now handle a wider range of sensitive biological samples and quickly achieve the high resolution images necessary to understand the key functions and processes of organelles.

Verios XHR SEM Benefits

  • New, high contrast detectors - Best imaging of sensitive biological samples
  • Beam deceleration - High resolution imaging and high surface sensitivity at very low kV
  • Beam blanker - Limits the dose on sensitive, biological samples
  • Electrostatic scanning - minimizes image distortion, and improves imaging speed for greater productivity and quality results

Product Models

FEI Verios SEM for Semiconductors

Verios XHR SEM introduces new detector hardware which extends SEM capability to the era of sub 20nm semiconductor devices.  Verios provides the best possible low kV SEM resolution and materials contrast which allows semiconductor process control labs to measure beam-sensitive materials and structures that are too small to be imaged by conventional SEM instruments.   Verios also includes new ease of use features which deliver the lowest cost per sample imaging and metrology on semiconductor structures at the 22nm technology node and below.

Product Models

FEI Verios SEM for Materials Science

For Materials Scientists,the Verios enables important new insights by extending sub-nanometer characterization to novel materials being developed today (e.g., catalyst particles, nanotubes, porosities, interfaces, biological objects and other nanoscale structures). High-resolution, high-contrast images are obtained without the need to transition to TEM or other imaging techniques. Verios offers all the flexibility required for research applications to accommodate large specimens like full wafers or metallurgical samples. You can perform fast analysis thanks to its high current mode or work on precise prototyping applications such as electron beam-induced direct deposition of materials or lithography.

Product Models