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Electron Microscopy Solutions

Thermo Fisher Scientific at M&M 2017

This year we showcased our leading electron microscopy and spectroscopy analytical solutions. This powerful combination places us in an even stronger position to help life sciences customers accelerate scientific research and to create new opportunities for us to serve customers in materials science markets that increasingly rely on nanotechnologies.

We were very excited to showcase our wide range of microscopy workflow solutions at M&M 2017 via 23 demos, 28 presentations, and 10 posters and abstracts.

In-booth Presentations

Our presentation theater included dynamic solution-focused presentations on Thermo Fisher’s innovative technologies and workflow solutions. Below are a few of the instruments and applications that we presented.

Single Particle Analysis (SPA) Workflow: Better understanding of molecular structures - faster and more reliably

Newest generation HeliScan microCT and Helios DualBeam with Xe Plasma FIB enables larger volume materials sampling and analysis

Cryo-Tomography using Aquilos Cryo-FIB: Taking the next step in Structural Biology

The new Quattro ESEM: Ultra versatile high resolution SEM with unique environmental capability

Themis Z TEM: The Ultimate in Optical Performance, Reproduciblility and Flexibility

Introduction to Thermo Scientific AutoTEM 4 Software

Demos at M&M 2017

We were excited to be able to bring the following products to St. Louis to perform live demonstrations. Whether you are in Life Sciences, Materials Science, Semiconductors or another field, our live demos featured something for every type of researcher. If you are interested in a demonstration, please use Contact Us to let us know.

Apreo SEM

The Apreo™ SEM, with a novel compound final lens design, provides high-resolution surface information with excellent contrast. In addition, Apreo features the flexibility to accommodate a large range of applications, conditions, and samples, including sensitive and insulating materials.

Apreo VS

The Apreo™ VS SEM offers a novel serial block-face imaging (SBFI) solution that enables excellent z-resolution from Multi-Energy Deconvolution SEM (MED-SEM) combined with the efficiency of in situ sectioning. In addition, the system’s versatility enables fast changeover between normal SEM use and SBFI.

Amira Software

Amira™ Software is an advanced 3D analysis software application for exploring and understanding life sciences data. Amira software enables advanced 3D imaging workflows for specialists in research areas ranging from molecular and cellular biology to neuroscience and bioengineering.

Themis Z TEM

If you think you know Themis™ Z, think again. The latest generation Themis Z builds on its stunning sub-Angstrom STEM imaging capability with new advances in spectroscopic and detector technology. Register for a demonstration on Themis Z and see the latest advances in detector technology for new materials science applications. (This is a live, remote demo plus video presentation. Instrument will not be on-site at show.)

Avizo Software

Avizo™ Software is an advanced 3D analysis application for exploring and understanding materials’ structures and properties, in a wide range of materials science research areas and for many types of materials (metals and alloys, ceramics, composites and polymers).

Helios G4 PFIB UXe

The Helios G4 DualBeam™ PFIB UXe delivers unmatched capabilities for large volume 3D characterization, Ga+ free sample preparation and precise micromachining. It combines the new PFIB 2.0 column and the Monochromated Elstar™ SEM column to deliver the most advanced focused ion- and electron beam performance. Intuitive software and an unprecedented level of automation and ease-of-use provide observation and analysis of relevant subsurface volumes by scientists and engineers.