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The Thermo Scientific™ Tecnai TEM Upgrades

Since the introduction of Tecnai in 1999, Thermo Fisher Scientific has continuously increased capabilities of the Tecnai product family.
We can offer to Tecnai users upgrades to the latest available technology. 

New! Tecnai Penta upgrade running on Windows 7

How to discover the Upgrades & Accessories for your Tecnai

To view the Upgrades & Accessories available for the Tecnai, select components to right.

X-FEG high brightness module

The XFEG is a unique high brightness module that enables dramatically improved imaging and spectroscopy performance without adding operating complexity.


  • Maximize analytical probe current to improve lateral resolution in chemical analysis
  • Enhance time to result and signal to noise ratio in S/TEM imaging and chemical analysis
  • Improve spatial coherence for holography and HR-TEM applications
  • Benefit from the excellent stability of emission in automated experiments
  • The ease of use coupled with the long life time and robustness of Schottky emitter technology maximizes your throughput.

Tecnai Upgrades Xfeg

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Side Entry EDS

The Penta release does not support embedded EDS detectors. With the R5.6 upgrade, the choice needs to be made whether the embedded EDS detectors will be operated stand alone or a new SDD side entry detector will be selected

Which EDS system with upgrade?

There are muliple vendors that fit the Tecnai. Thermo Fisher Scientific can assist in EDS system selection that do fit on the Tecnai . The EDS system can be purchased via us or directly from the EDS vendor. 


Not every EDS system does fit to the Tecnai. With the SDD detector technology, larger EDS detectors have become available but some of the - most larger - detectors can colide with eg. The cooling body of the cold finger. 

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Thermo Scientific™ NanoEx i/v heating and biasing holder

The new Thermo Scientific MEMS-device based solution for in-situ atomic-resolution imaging at elevated temperatures


  • Optimized for studies on nanomaterials.
  • Rapid & precise heating. Fast heating of nanomaterials to more than 1000 °C with precise control via direct temperature read-out (e.g. for closed loop settings).
  • Uniform temperature distribution over heated area: MEMS design of NanoEx-i/v delivers consistent, reproducible and uniform temperature distribution
  • Combine in situ and analytical experiments. NanoEx is optimized-and approved-for use with our Super X EDS detector and ChemiSTEM technology.
  • One stop solution for assured performance.
  • Complete system, including controller and software

Tecnai Upgrades Holders

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Fischione 2021 Tomo EDS holder

Fischione 2021 Analytical Tomography holder, designed for Super-X EDS systems

Key Benefits

The Fischione 2021 Tomo EDS holder has been designed in cooperation between Thermo Fisher Scientific and Fischione to optimize energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy: 

  • Beryllium tip and clamps minimize X-ray interference
  • High-tilt angles, up to 80 degrees
  • Large field of view
  • Easy, accurate specimen loading and orientation

Tecnai Upgrades Holders 4

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Piezo Stage

The new Piezo Stage extension enables ultra-precise movement in X,Y direction.

Key Benefits

  • Fast navigation on atomic scale
  • Highest performance in dynamic experiments: the continuous mode (Jog) compensates linear drift in eg. Heating or Cooling experiments
  • Faster time to data by faster specimen loading

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Penta System infrastructure upgrade to R5.6 with W7|64

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a new Penta system infrastructure upgrade developed for the Tecnai. This upgrade is a combination of hardware and software upgrade. The hardware upgrade comprises among others a Microscope PC, 24"monitor and hand panels. Depending on system configuration, eg. STEM and automatic  aperture systems, hardware needs to be upgraded.  The software upgrade will come with the latest version of TIA and runs on Windows 7.


The Penta system upgrade to R5.6  enables:

  • TIA capable to handle very large data sets (HDD space limited), record movies, create large EDS maps.
  • SW on Windows 7|64 bit
  • GMS 2.3 for Tridiem and Quantum energy filters
  • Upgrade to embedded Ceta 16M camera and Falcon3EC [electron counting] camera
  • Upgrade to XFEG high brightness source
  • Tomo4 , EPU and brand new MAPS for TEM

Supported Tecnai's for upgrades 

Tecnai needs to run on SW release 4.6.x to be upgraded to R5.6. Tecnai's running on older SW release first need to be upgraded to R4.6 before the upgrade to R5.6. 


The Tecnai Penta system infrastructure upgrade is available from October 2016.  

Installation time 

The installation time is expected to be less than 2 weeks. 

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    Application Software

    Mandatory upgrades

    Thermo Fisher Scientific continues to develop the application software. The latest application software is developed on the Windows7 platform.

    With the upgrade to R5.6, Tomo3 users need to upgrade to Tomo4. EPU users will also need to upgrade to EPU for Win7.

    Recommended upgrades

    Stand-alone application software running on Windows XP are recommended to upgrade to Win7. This is an optional upgrade.

    Resolve RT can be upgraded to Avizo (Materials Science) or Amira (Life Sciences)

    Inspect 3D 3.0 can be upgraded to Inspect 3D 4.0

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    Thermo Scientific™ Phase plate

    The ultimate contrast enhancement for 3D imaging of molecules and cells for TF20 Twin and Arctica only


    • Optimized contrast enhancement at best obtainable resolution
    • Unsurpassed lifetime and stability for extended cryo-TEM experiments
    • Reduced cost of ownership due to long Phase plate lifetime
    • Supports various cryogenic and ambient temperature applications and low contract materials
    • Embedded into our application software solutions

      Tecnai Upgrades Phase Plate 1Tecnai Upgrades Phase Plate 2Tecnai Upgrades Phase Plate 3

      Phase plate potential         no Phase plate                         With Phase plate


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    Thermo Scientific™ BF/DF4 detector

    The On-axis Bright-Field/Dark-Field STEM detector is composed of a bright-field detector and two dark-field detectors. All detectors are silicon solid-state detectors, and can support a beam current up to 3 nA.


    • On-axis Bright-Field/Dark-Field detector is particularly useful with its optimized geometry for simultaneous phase contrast and Z-contrast imaging and z-contrast and EELS mapping.
    • allows for simultaneous acquisition of 3 signals simultaneously, BF,DF4,DF2 HAADF in combination with TIA.
    • Required for Velox DPC (Differential phase contrast application) provides acquisition of the signal from quadrants of segmented DF4 Thermo Scientific detector.

    Tecnai Upgrades Detector

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    Ceta 16M All-in-one view

    Most versatile camera to deliver all-in-one performance fast 4kx4k CMOS based high tension flexible sensor.


    • No compromise between Sensitivity and Speed and Field of View and Speed: CETA combines both in 1 camera
    • Embedded, Easiest, fastest  workflow
    • Speed option available with >30 fps full frame read-out
    • Consistently clear images, from meso scopic to atomic scale
    • Optimum performance at any high tension (20 - 300kV): High sensitivity, robust fiber optic-coupled scintillator combines with large 14mu
      pixel size
    • Movie acquisition for dynamic studies: 16-bit dynamic range movie recording enables high quality 4k × 4k.

      atomic columns

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    Falcon 3EC direct detection camera

    16 Megapixel direct electron detector with back-thinned sensor technology for Titan Krios and Halo combined with electron counting


    • Ultra-high DQE with razor sharp 16M pixel images
    • Dramatically improved signal-to-noise ratio
    • Fully embedded, easy to use and integrated with Thermo Scientific™ Tomography and SPA software
    • Can work together with Thermo Scientific™ CETA 16M camera


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