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Software Platform for all 2D Imaging Needs

Thermo Scientific™ Visilog Software is the ideal solution to create custom image processing applications. Visilog Software is based on a library of proven algorithms enriched over the past 20 years, and on extensive experience in the development of scientific and industrial 2D image processing applications.

  • Visilog Software is an open software platform offering the right solution for each user's needs.
  • Simple and fast interactive tools for image acquisition, processing and measurements.
  • User-friendly interface for prototyping and application adjustment.
  • Powerful development tools to automate processes or to develop specific applications.
  • Technical & service team to offer high level assistance and custom development.

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2D Image Processing & Analysis Platform

Visilog Software is a professional image software platform used to process and analyze scientific and industrial images.

Visilog Software provides a broad set of tools for image data acquisition, visualization and management and a comprehensive library of advanced image processing algorithms accessible using interactive commands and that can be combined for complex processing workflows.

Furthermore, Visilog Software provides automation by interactive recording and full programmatic control of the processing workflow using Visual Basic scripts.

Comprehensive Image Processing & Analysis Platform

Visilog Software provides a complete set of advanced modules and algorithms for building complex image processing and analysis workflows:

  • Image data acquisition and management
  • High-performance image processing library
  • Interactive access, automation, scripting

Device Management

Visilog Softare provides tools to manage efficiently many acquisition devices:

Image acquisition:  Advanced import of images from different devices

Stage:  Drive motorized systems

Multi-core:   Speed up processing on multi-CPU systems

2D Image Processing Library

  • Filters
  • Segmentation
  • Shape extraction
  • Counting & measurements
  • Classification
  • Reporting

Open Platform

  • VBA language to create scripts
  • Automatic script recording functionality
  • Powerful debugging tools
  • Add and create new individual measurements
  • Toolbars customization
  • Automation

Service & Support

  • Custom development
  • Hotline
  • Technical assistance
  • On-site expertise
  • OEM support

Image processing development platform

Visilog Software is also an advanced framework for developers who want to develop their own image processing and analysis software.

Visilog Software delivers a complete C++ and VBA SDK which allows developers to create completely custom applications using the powerful image acquisition, processing and analysis technologies of Visilog Software.

Development & Customization

Visilog Software delivers a complete environment for creating customized components or integrating fully proprietary features and workflows:Flexible and easy interface customization

  • Add specific calculation programs to the existing Visilog Software library
  • Export functions to the VBA environment in order to make them available as commands
  • Develop custom user plug-ins using C programming language


Go To Market

"RunTime" licenses are used to deploy applications developed using the Visilog Software environment. Visilog Software users have the possibility, in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific, to distribute their applications based on the Visilog Software technology.