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Pergeos Workflow Automation

Processes to Improve Time-to-Data

Thermo Scientific™ PerGeos™ Software built-in automated workflows simplify and standardize processes to improve time-to-data so users can generate meaningful statistics faster. In addition, users can design their own workflows that can be automated and easily distributed to other users to encourage best practice implementation. This unique feature provides cross-discipline collaboration and enables all users to gain a common understanding of how digital rock models are created—an important aspect in validating and understanding the pore-scale contributors to reservoir viability and producibility.

PerGeos software limits the amount of required image processing expertise by implementing a powerful automation package. The accuracy of data derived from digital rock imagery and simulation depends on the quality of the images and the ability of the user to identify and remove artifacts, use appropriate filters, and segment the image into extractable features. PerGeos software's automation package requires no knowledge of scripting and is compatible with our entire workflow—from data input to simulation result.

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PerGeos is a robust software platform for visualizing, processing, and analyzing 2D and 3D digital rock imagery that enables improved analysis of reservoir quality and faster understanding of static and dynamic rock properties that impact production. PerGeos can be used as a standalone software platform or bundled with a  variety of applications to customize the user experience with additional functionality for digital core analysis.

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