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PerGeos Software v1.5

Get the most out of your Whole Core CT data

Thermo Fisher Scientific is proud to introduce PerGeos Software v1.5. Development of this release focused on providing users more effective analysis and visualization tools for completing digital core analysis. Take a moment and explore the new features in PerGeos v1.5 and discover how to get the most out of your whole core CT data.

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Simplified UI

PerGeos v1.5 sees a move from 12 to 7 dedicated workspaces to create a more straightforward and seamless experience when building complex workflows. Easier access to tools during workflow testing and more efficient browsing and tool implementation are just a few examples of the improvements to the overall user experience. 

Take control of all your images of well bore samples 

With PerGeos v1.5, whole core CT data assembled in the Core Profile extension can be populated with links to other data sources. Additionally, interpretations can be completed across scales in a single location. Whether you are working with thin sections, micro CT, or simple photography, Core Profile now allows you to collect these data together for more consistent interpretations. This expands the functionality of our Core Profile extension from viewing an entire well's worth of CT data to collecting all your well bore imagery in one place, made viewable alongside both each other and petrophysical logs.
With this feature, users can now easily assess the variations of rock texture and pore systems from the well bore to the pore scale. The data link feature supports all image and spreadsheet formats for viewing higher resolution imagery and statistical output alongside your whole core dataset. 
In addition, the dedicated link view UI permits direct comparison of imagery and statistical data from different depths to permit easy and consistent interpretation of changes in the rock texture that may impact production or log interpretations. 

Re-orient your interpretation

PerGeos v1.5 provides a new feature that allows users to orient their whole core CT data to the true north direction of the well bore. Users can now make interpretations of sedimentary structures and fractures instantly exportable to the reservoir system.

Unwrap your Core

Users can now generate a "cylinder slice" (an unwrapped view of the data) for the entire dataset loaded into the Core Profile extension. Sedimentary and deformation structures appearing radially in the wellbore are now easily interpreted and documented within the Core Profile extension. Users have full control on the radius and center point in generating the unwrapped view of the dataset.

Users will not lose their way while using this new visualization, thanks to the integrated scale bar. The azimuthal orientation indicated in the scale bar reflects changes made to the coordinate system with a North direction indicator. 

Catalog your Fractures

A new tool dedicated to analyzing planar features has been introduced in PerGeos v1.5. The Dip and Strike tool automatically measures the planar orientation and depths of segmented fractures present in a dataset. The tool outputs a depth vs orientation table for easy export and integration into other field interpretation packages.

In addition to evaluating fractures, PerGeos v1.5 also offers analysis of bedding orientations using a new manual measurement interface in the Core Profile extension. Users can now measure the orientation of hard-to-segment fractures and bedding features with direct visual feedback on the data. Sinusoids relating the orientation of features are presented directly on the cylinder slice of the whole core data. Also, data are added to the table of feature orientations provided by the dip and strike tool.

In addition to the visualization of manual measures, any fractures that are automatically measured using the dip and strike module are also drawn on the cylinder slice for easy interpretation. 

Report Your Results

PerGeos v1.5 extends the capabilities of the Reporting Workspace to include automated report generation from the Core Profile Room. Users can now easily populate the visualizations in Core Profile to a static reporting environment for export to PDF. 

Tutorials and examples of customizing reporting templates have been added to fit the needs of your team. Users can control nearly every aspect of the content and layout of their reports to make a fit for purpose data sharing facility for distribution throughout their organization.

Featured Document

Pergeos v1.5 release notes

Document outlining the new features and resolved issues included in the release.

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