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PerGeos for Petrophysics

For petrophysicists, Thermo Scientific™ PerGeos™ Software provides easily automated workflows to calculate pore statistics from image data such as pore size and network connectivity.

Users have access to a suite of tools in the Pore Statistics Application to help them accurately:

  • Visualize pore size distributions and pore types
  • Characterize pore and pore throat size distributions
  • Evaluate connected and isolated porosity
  • Directly compare whole core CT data logs

In addition, petrophysicists will benefit from the built-in features and automated workflows in the Petrophysics Application . These features can help derive rapid digital RCA properties to QC traditional lab and third-party modeled results such as::

  • Absolute permeability
  • MICP
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Formation factor

The Core Profile Application enables visualization of whole-core CT data with side-by-side well log comparisonimprove log interpretation. If used with the geologist annotations, the Core Profile Application becomes a robust collaborative workspace to share information and make smarter plug selections, improving the overall reliability of the data generated from a core program.

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PerGeos is a robust software platform for visualizing, processing, and analyzing 2D and 3D digital rock imagery that enables improved analysis of reservoir quality and faster understanding of static and dynamic rock properties that impact production. PerGeos can be used as a standalone software platform or bundled with a  variety of applications to customize the user experience with additional functionality for digital core analysis.

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