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PerGeos for Geology

Multi-Modal and Multi-Scale Image Analysis

Thermo Scientific™ PerGeos™ Software provides geologists with powerful algorithms to support image analysis, segmentation, and built-in automation that will aid them in adding statistical weight to their observations from core material. The analysis capabilities in PerGeos software help geologists quantitatively extract and measure data such as:

  • Laminations
  • Fracture density and orientation
  • Organic versus inorganic porosity
  • Depositional features

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 Core Profile Application

Reservoir quality geologists can explore the impact of formation diagenesis on the evolving flow behavior in a  basin using these same tools. The Core Profile Application provides an easy and efficient way to create, annotate,  and share core descriptions. It can plot log data next to the whole-core CT scan to provide a common workspace to  share observations. It also exports to third-party data integration platforms such as geocellular modeling packages.

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PerGeos Brochure

PerGeos is a robust software platform for visualizing, processing, and analyzing 2D and 3D digital rock imagery that enables improved analysis of reservoir quality and faster understanding of static and dynamic rock properties that impact production. PerGeos can be used as a standalone software platform or bundled with a  variety of applications to customize the user experience with additional functionality for digital core analysis.

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