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Electron Microscopy Solutions

Inspect 3D for Life Sciences

Tomography post-alignment and reconstruction module

Generate complex reconstructed 3D volumes with speed and ease. Inspect 3D  is the complete solution for dual- and single axis electron tomography (ET) using FEI's Titan™ or Tecnai™ transmission electron microscopes.

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Inspect3D™ post alignment and reconstruction software provides a fast, easy, complete solution for dual- and single axis electron tomography.


  • Cross-correlation requires no markers as the process is enhanced by the use of a large variety of filters and image processing tools.
  • Feature tracking can utilize added artificial features like gold markers, or recognizable intrinsic specimen features, as a basis for image alignment.
  • Bead cloaking removes gold beads from the image data after they have been used for alignment so they do not show in the reconstruction. 
  • The algebraic reconstruction technique iteratively compares projections of the reconstruction to the original projections and corrects the reconstruction to minimize differences.
  • The simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique preserves full spatial information and can enhance the signal to noise ratio of the reconstruction. 
Inspect 3D reconstructed 3D volume screen capture

Electron Microscopy Solutions

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