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EPU for Life Sciences

Bringing powerful automation and reliability to single particle analysis

Effective cryo-TEM workflows require automation in order to achieve optimal results and high throughput. By automating optimal area selection and facilitating high-throughput data collection, EPU enables effective workflows.

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EPU: Automated Data Acquisition Software for Single Particle Analysis Workflow

 EPU's powerful automation delivers impressive results when conducting single particle analysis to resolve 3D protein complexes on either the Titan Krios or Tecnai TEM platforms. It enables the automated collection of large numbers of vitrified particles from pre-selected areas on a grid and automates the operation of your instrument, ensuring optimal conditions before collecting images. Additionally, unique algorithms allow EPU to select thin specimen patches autonomously, using preset experimental variables like drift limits.

Key Benefits
• Microscope-embedded solution for single particle acquisition
• Optimized for high-throughput particle collection
• Recording schemes defined for commonly used grid types
• Intuitive, graphic display of experimental set-up
• Compatible with film, CCD cameras, and direct electron detectors


EPU datasheet

Automated Data Acquisition Software for Single Particle Workflow. Thermo Scientific™EPU will facilitate the process of optimal area selection – the first crucial step of the total single particle analysis workflow. It also facilitates high-throughput data collection from the microscope, which is a primary prerequisite for high resolution 3D imaging

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