Avizo for Materials Science

3D visualization and analysis software

Avizo is an advanced 3D analysis software for exploring and understanding materials structures and properties, in a wide range of materials science research areas and for many types of materials ( fibrous, porous, metals and alloys, ceramics, composite and polymer, semiconductors, food…).

From straightforward visualization and measurement to advanced image processing, quantification, analysis and reporting, Avizo software provides a comprehensive, multimodality digital lab for advanced 2D and 3D materials characterization.

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3D image data import & processing

Import imaging data from any kind of modality (X-Ray tomography, electron and optical microscopy, …), at any scale, any size.

Apply advanced filters and operators for image correction and enhancement, calibration, alignment, etc… and get an artifact-free 3D-image stack perfectly suitable for exploration and analysis.

3D data exploration

Perform immediate interactive visual inspection thanks to Avizo software's high-quality volume rendering.

Use advanced probing tools such as dynamic slicing, contouring, color-mapping, iso-surfacing, etc, to perform insightful visual analytics of your materials structure.

Image segmentation and feature extraction

Get more detailed insight of your materials structure by using powerful segmentation tools. Accurately identify the different components of your materials, and extract features such as the different materials phases, pores, fibers.

Use advanced 'skeletonization' tools to reconstruct networks within your materials structure.

Quantification and analysis

Generate 3D models of your materials structure using Avizo 3D software's surface and geometry reconstruction modules.

Use then some of the 70 built-in measurements and statistics tools to get advanced quantitative information on your material, such as counts, distribution, volumes, orientations, etc.

Export reconstructed 3D meshes to CFD/FEA packages for advanced material properties simulation.

Automation, reporting, presentation

Automate: all Avizo software's operations are structured in an incremental data processing graph. They can be scripted and advanced semi-automated workflows can be recorded.

Report: Analysis and quantification results can be output as graphs and spreadsheets and displayed on the screen or exported in a report file.

Communicate: Create high-resolution images and high-quality movies to present and share your research work. Avizo software also support stereoscopic and immersive VR displays.

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Avizo is a popular 3D data analysis software application, used daily by thousands of researchers and engineers worldwide.

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Avizo for Materials Science brochure

Avizo delivers advanced 3D software tools for scientists and engineers who require insight into materials structures.

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