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ARGOS Software for Life Sciences

Add dimension to tomography by linking high resolution data to natural biological context

With ARGOS, FEI offers the ideal solution to the application of template matching. Create 3D tomography context to single particles automatically.

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Single Particle Analysis (SPA) and tomography provide complimentary information. SPA can deliver high resolution images of a molecular complex, but it is taken out of its biological context. Electron Tomography (ET) - whether it is performed on ambient or cryogenic conditions - can obtain information on the position of a complex, but the resolution of individual particles is limited. With the introduction of the ARGOS package at the back stream part of the workflow - ARGOS is an acronym for Automated Recognition of Geometries, Objects and Segmentations - FEI offers the ideal solution in bridging these two regimes. ARGOS is particularly suited for averaging of macromolecules found in single or multiple tomograms to obtain higher resolution especially for molecules which cannot easily be purified, e.g. membrane proteins. Also, ARGOS will facilitate automatically finding macromolecules in their crowded native cellular context and relating orientation properties of these molecules to their environment. 

By optimally linking high resolution SPA data into their natural biological context, it is not only possible to localize the object of interest in its 3D context but also to define the real orientation of the high resolution object. By doing so, an additional dimension can be obtained which provides us with a better understanding of the functioning of molecular complexes, a cell or cell component. 


  • Integrated solution for template creation, template matching, particle averaging and 3D visualization
  • Optimized for maximum throughput
  • 3D visualization of match results