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Amira-Avizo Workshops

Join our workshops and discover how Amira-Avizo Software can facilitate your daily research work

The Thermo Fisher Scientific team is hitting the road to roll out workshops to meet with students and researchers around the world.
These workshops will showcase the advanced 3D visualization and analysis capabilities of Thermo Scientific™ Amira-Avizo Software solutions for exploring and understanding scientific and industrial data.

A typical workshop program will consist of a one-hour introductory presentation followed by a product demo and/or one-hour hands-on tutorial. One-on-one meetings (with individuals or groups) can also be included.


    Schedule you own workshop:
    To schedule an Amira or Avizo Software workshop at your own facility or for more information, please Contact us.

    Shorten your learning curve and maximize your investment with this half-day workshops designed for new and existing users of Amira-Avizo Software.

    Consisting of a combination of lectures and live product demos, these half-day workshops highlight many of the most important features and functionalities of both applications.

    In some cases, attendees must provide their own personal computer with compatible OS, required memory/processor specs and a supported 3D graphics card. Guidance for Amira-Avizo Software installation will be provided by the sales representative prior the workshop

    Amira-Avizo Software system requirements


    DatesLocationMORE INFO and REGISTRATION 
    January 23, 2018University of California | San Francisco, USA 
    January 30, 2018Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel | Nantes, FRANCEMORE INFO and REGISTRATION →
    March 9, 2018Shanghai, CHINAMORE INFO and REGISTRATION →
    May 25, 2018Shanghai, CHINAMORE INFO and REGISTRATION →
    July 27, 2018Shanghai, CHINAMORE INFO and REGISTRATION →
    Sept 21, 2018Shanghai, CHINAMORE INFO and REGISTRATION →
    Nov 30, 2018Shanghai, CHINAMORE INFO and REGISTRATION →