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Amira-Avizo User Stories

Discover how our 3D software can help you

Thermo Scientific™ Amira-Avizo Software is a popular 3D visualization and analysis solution for scientific and industrial data, used daily by thousands of researchers and engineers worldwide.

Below you will find some of our user stories with examples of how our 3D software can help you in your daily research and analysis work. We hope that the challenges they faced and the solutions we provided will resonate with you.

The London Centre for Nanotechnology uses Avizo Software to reveal structure of human chromosomes and nucleus in 3DLife SciencesLearn more →
The Academic Medical Center (AMC) uses Amira to build a 3D Atlas for Human EmbryologyLife SciencesLearn more →
The Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology uses Amira for axon tracing from head to toeLife SciencesLearn more →
University of Glasgow uses Amira to analyze vascular structuresLife SciencesLearn more →
University of Washington researchers use Amira towards aiding the pathology of pancreatic cancerLife SciencesLearn more →
UZ Leuven uses Amira for postoperative evaluation of orthognathic patientsDentalLearn more →
UCSF School of Dentistry uses Avizo to extract changes in periodontal ligament space and tooth movement due to orthodontic therapyDentalLearn more →
The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) uses Avizo to quantify potential defects in additively manufactured samplesAdditive ManufacturingLearn more →
Royal DSM uses Avizo Software for glass fiber length and orientation analysis of reinforced polymers (GFRP)Fiber AnalysisLearn more →
FAMU uses Avizo to visualize and understand heat transfer and fluid flowMaterials ScienceLearn more →
KTH Royal Institute of Technology uses Avizo to visualize and characterize the internal structure of civil engineering materialsMaterials ScienceLearn more →
SIK-ISEA uses Avizo to understand 19th century painting techniquesMaterials ScienceLearn more →
UNILEVER uses Avizo to visualize and understand food and detergent structuresFoodLearn more →
GEVES uses Avizo to study and control plant seedsAgriculturalLearn more →
L4iS uses Avizo to analyze 3D images from laser ablation tomographySciencesLearn more →
AMSC Research, LLC uses Amira to understand processes and rituals of Egyptian mummificationArchaeologyLearn more →
The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago uses Amira to visualize and analyze Egyptian mummified birdsArchaeologyLearn more →
Bibliotheca Alexandrina uses Avizo to visualize and understand the Great Sphinx erosionArchaeologyLearn more →
The University of Birmingham uses Avizo to explore the North Sea as it was 10,000 years agoArchaeologyLearn more →
DKRZ uses Avizo to visualize and understand weather and climateEnvironmentLearn more →
Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute uses Avizo for typhoon quantitative precipitation estimation and forecastEnvironmentLearn more →
KISTI uses Avizo to visualize and understand simulation data on VR systemsSimulation - VRLearn more →
The Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS) uses Avizo to visualize and analyze scientific and industrial 3D data acquired with their X-Ray Imaging Beamline (IMX)SynchrotronLearn more →