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Semiconductor Failure Analysis

We’re proud to introduce three new products to our leading semiconductor portfolio. These products are designed to help semiconductor failure analysis labs achieve higher volumes of samples and faster time-to-data.

Helios G4 PFIB instruments

The new Helios G4 plasma focused ion beam (PFIB) system is designed to deprocess and provide ultra-high-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) analysis on a wide variety of semiconductor devices. The Helios G4 PFIB system can support deprocessing down to the 7nm node and offers automated endpointing that stops milling automatically when the metal or via layer of interest is exposed. It provides up to 10–20 times faster milling rates than conventional (Ga+) FIB solutions, allowing engineers to create larger samples for nanoprobing and TEM imaging, as well as large area SEM cross-sections, on a broad range of advanced (2.5D) packaging, light-emitting diode (LED), display and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

Learn more about:

  • Helios G4 PFIB HXe : Large area deprocessing, sample preparation and characterization of 10nm node devices and beyond
  • Helios G4 PFIB UXe : General large area deprocessing, sample preparation and analysis
  • Helios G4 PFIB CXe : Sample preparation and analysis of Advanced Packaging Materials

flexProber system

The new flexProber system is designed to help engineers quickly locate and identify electrical faults, using an SEM to position fine mechanical probes on exposed circuit elements. Accurately locating the fault can improve productivity and cost-effectiveness in subsequent analysis by ensuring that the fault is included when a thin section is extracted for high-resolution imaging in a TEM. The flexProber system includes a new SEM column specifically designed for probing applications, with a 2X improvement in resolution. It incorporates many of the capabilities of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s high-end Nanoprober product line and is designed to address a broad range of semiconductor device types and process technologies. It provides an ideal pathway into electrical probing, offering an entry-level configuration while preserving the option to upgrade to full Nanoprober system capability in the future.

Learn more about the flexProber system

Themis S TEM

The Themis S system is Thermo Fisher’s latest addition to the industry-standard Themis TEM platform. Targeted at the needs of semiconductor failure analysis labs working at the sub-20nm technology node, the Themis S system is designed for high-volume semiconductor imaging and analysis and includes an integrated vibration isolation enclosure and full remote operation capability. The probe-corrected, 80–200kV column, automated alignments, XFEG source and DualX X-ray spectrometer provide robust, sub-Ångström imaging and fast, accurate elemental and strain analysis.

Learn more about the Themis S TEM