Transmission Electron Microscope


Since its introduction in 2005, the Titan's superior product design and proven ability to deliver ground- breaking results have made it the preferred scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) of leading researchers around the world.

FEI's Titan S/TEM platform is constantly evolving, and is now the world's most powerful, commercially- available suite of S/TEM solutions for Life Sciences, with Titan™ Krios and Titan Halo. Both models start with our revolutionary wide high-tension range and corrector-ready platform, combined with a wide pole piece gap delivering the space to do more. Developed with stability and flexibility in mind, Titan's high performance continuously enables atomic scale discovery and exploration.

FEI Titan TEM for Life Sciences

The Titan Krios is the most powerful and flexible high resolution electron microscope for 2D and 3D characterization of biological samples. Its optimal thermal and mechanical stability ensures perfect optical performance. The Titan Krios enables days of unattended operation and the combination with the automated sample loader results in unprecedented sample throughput. Choose from a broad variety of detector and software options to configure the Titan Krios for any of these applications:

  • Cryo electron microscopy
  • 2D electron crystallography
  • Single particle analysis
  • Dual-axis cellular tomography 

Product Models

FEI Titan TEM for Materials Science

Based on the proven Titan S/TEM platform, the Materials Science Titan models have been replaced by our next generation TEM family: Themis

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