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Themis TEM

Based on Thermo Scientific™ Titan S/TEM platform – introduced in 2005 – the Themis TEM family forms the next generation of the world's most powerful, commercially available suite of S/TEM solutions for Materials Science, with Themis Z and Themis ETEM.

The Thermo Scientific Themis transmission electron microscope (TEM) starts with our revolutionary wide high-tension range and corrector-ready platform, combined with a wide pole piece gap delivering the space to do more. Developed with stability and flexibility in mind, the Themis TEM high performance continuously enables atomic scale discovery and exploration. Combining these proven optics with new, breakthrough scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) imaging capability and enhanced automation software enables ultimate imaging and analysis performance for all materials scientists.

Themis TEM for Materials Science

Our aberration-corrected Themis Z scanning transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) combine's proven optics and new, breakthrough S/TEM imaging capability with enhanced automation software to put the ultimate imaging performance in the hands of all materials scientists. Complimented by our unique EDX portfolio the Themis Z S/TEM delivers the best all round atomic characterization data in a single tool with a single objective lens configuration. .

The Themis ETEM is our dedicated Environmental TEM platform designed for observation of functional nanomaterials and their time-resolved response to gas and temperature stimuli. With a unique differentially pumped objective lens, the specimen area becomes an experimental chamber for study of catalyst particles, nanodevices and other materials, enabling atomic-scale insight to morphology and interactions at surfaces and interfaces. And when needed, the Titan ETEM can perform as a standard S/TEM for atomic scale imaging. 

Applications for Titan in Materials Science include:

  • Chemical composition and bonding state studies
  • 3D Chemical Mapping
  • S/TEM tomography 
  • Magnetic and electric field measurements
  • Dynamic studies 
  • In situ gas-solid interaction experiments

Product Models

Themis S S/TEM for Semiconductors

The Themis S S/TEM is an 80–200kV scanning / transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) designed for high-speed imaging and analysis of semiconductor devices. As the latest member of the industry-standard Themis family, the Themis S TEM inherits a unique combination of the best spatial resolution and the most efficient chemical analysis 

Product Models