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Themis S S/TEM for Semiconductors

Perfect combination of the best image resolution and the highest analytical efficiency

The Themis S S/TEM is an 80–200kV scanning / transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) designed for high-speed imaging and analysis of semiconductor devices. As the latest member of the industry-standard Themis family, the Themis S TEM inherits a unique combination of the best spatial resolution and the most efficient chemical analysis.

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The Themis S S/TEM benefits for Semiconductors include:

  • The best combination of high resolution and high-throughput analytics. The lens configuration makes this available only on the Themis column. It provides the best image resolution together with the highest EDS efficiency.
  • The most trustable measurement accuracy. With ≤2% measurement uncertainty, the critical dimension measurement is trustable, repeatable, and consistent.
  • The highest versatility. The combination of optics, chemical detection, wide gap pole-piece, and unique application software ensures a wide range of applications covered by the platform.

Fastest time to data

Themis S S/TEM achieves the fastest time to data by using a combination of the Piezo stage and drift corrected frame integration (DCFI) to compensate for possible specimen drift. This makes it possible to acquire high-quality high-resolution images in both TEM and STEM modes only minutes after sample loading.

Optimized productivity

To optimize productivity, Themis S S/TEM uses double-coil constant power lenses to minimize the thermal drift and maximize the system throughput. This design eliminates heating variation in the lens when switching between modes, such as changing from low-magnification mode for feature searching and high-magnification mode for imaging.

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Themis S TEM Datasheet

The Themis S TEM delivers sub-Å resolution, the fastest energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) collection, and the flexibility to address other critical semiconductor use cases, such as strain measurement and low-dose,  high-contrast imaging (iDPC). The Themis S TEM addresses the needs of materials analysis labs that require high throughput, high quality, and versatility, particularly semiconductor failure analysis labs working at the sub-20nm technology node.

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