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The FEI MLA (an acronym for Mineral Liberation Analyzer) scanning electron microscope (SEM) is an automated mineral analysis system that can identify minerals in polished sections of drill core, particulate, or lump materials, and quantify a wide range of mineral characteristics, such as mineral abundance, grain size, and liberation.

Mineral texture and degree of liberation are fundamental properties of ore and drive its economic treatment, making the data gathered by the MLA SEM invaluable to geologists, mineralogists and metallurgists who engage in process optimization, mine feasibility studies, and ore characterization.

MLA SEM for Minerals & MInining

A key attribute of the MLA 650 SEM system is synchronous acquisition of mineral and textural (microstructure) data pertaining to one coherent dataset. Advanced software automation enables unattended data acquisition. Basic system data such as modal mineralogy, grain sizes, mineral associations and mineral liberation, or calculated data such as elemental chemistry, rock matrix density or grade-recovery curves, are typically based on hundreds of thousands of underlying individual measurements and mineral classifications.

Product Models

  • MLA 650F SEM for Minerals & MInining
  • MLA 650 SEM for Minerals & Mining