Scanning Electron Microscope

FEI Aspex Explorer SEM for Industrial Manufacturing

A laboratory SEM in an industrialized package with OmegaMax EDX technology for particle identification.

The Aspex Explorer is a designed for the automated imaging and elemental analysis of a wide spectrum of surfaces and particulate. The Aspex Explorer seamlessly provides high imaging, rapid non-destructive compositional analysis, and robust automation for size, shape and elemental composition.

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The Aspex Explorer is a microanalysis system that provides a fully integrated platform for addressing the micro-scale visualization of key surface features, as well as the needs of a diverse range of industries where stringent cleanliness and particle or inclusion contamination is critical.  Its small physical footprint and low cost of ownership make it an ideal solution for operations interested in improving reliability and quality, while also minimizing production inefficiencies.

A variety of industries from forensics to health sciences, to steel and automotive rely on the rugged hardware and sophisticated software of the Aspex Explorer as a fast and reliable platform for identifying particles as well as surface features.    

The Aspex Explorer with Automated Feature Analysis (AFA), provides a fast, accurate way for manufacturers in many industries to monitor and control the presence of contaminants that affect the quality of their products. For example, automotive parts manufacturers must control the level of particulate contaminants, which can cause failures in the field and impact their warranty programs. Steel makers are concerned with non-metallic inclusions, which degrade steel quality and can clog nozzles in production equipment. Monitoring the number and type of inclusions lets them adjust production chemistry to reduce the number of pour-backs and improve the quality of their products. AFA is valuable whenever rapid feedback of large sets of particle data is needed.  The data sets can be trended and reviewed in real-time to identify and correct process issues.  The ability to monitor and optimize an industrial process is critical for maximizing production efficiency and cost savings or ultimately, the profitability of the operation.

OmegaMaxTM EDX Technology

OmegaMax manufactured by the Aspex Product Group, features the only truly integrated, high performance, LN-Free SDD EDX spectrometer, by integrating sensor modules directly into the Explorer, the system is able to provide more than three times the solid angle using the same sensor size.   In addition to maximizing the solid angle produces more than 2X the counts per nano-amp of the standard commercial silicon drift detector.   The integration of both the SEM and X-ray sensor operations directly results in the increase in sensitivity and speed not seen with the standard SDD's.

FEI Aspex Explorer SEM Benefits

  • Patented filament and column liner allows you to maintain uptime
  • The highest SDD solid angle which results in the most sensitivity and speed available
  • Both beryllium and ultra-thin windows available for detection down to boron
  • Both SED and BSED detectors
  • Small footprint
  • Quick automated analysis of huge data sets
  • Expanded voltage range for enhanced elemental differentiation
  • Patented drawer-staging
  • Dynamic beam scanning over frame-based solutions
  • Low cost of ownership