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Explorer 4 Analyzer with CleanCHK Software

Automated SEM with EDX Spectroscopy designed to gauge manufacturing cleanliness per ISO 16232 and VDA-19

The Thermo Scientific Explorer 4 Analyzer with CleanCHK Software is the proven solution for gauging automotive parts cleanliness on the production floor. Multiple user levels and powerful automation monitor size, shape, chemistry and classification of particulate extracted from fluid systems such as gearboxes, turbines, engines, etc. with ease.

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Introduction to Thermo Scientific Explorer 4 Analyzer with CleanCHK Software

Explorer 4 Analyzer with CleanCHK Software Benefits

Explorer 4 Analyzer is fourth generation of dedicated SEM/EDX solutions for industrial environments. With its integrated Uninterruptable Power Supply with battery backup, oil free operation, and CSA certified the Explorer 4 Analyzer is ready for your environment.

No matter where you are in the world, accepting 90-240V the Explorer 4 Analyzer can be plugged in anywhere.

User interface in English, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese supported by a global service and applications team gets you quickly to information.

Multiple user privileges provide confidence users have the proper rights to execute their assigned tasks.

Introduction to Thermo Scientific Explorer 4 Analyzer User Interface

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Automotive engineers have created remarkable advances in the functionality and reliability of transmissions, fuel injection systems, power trains, and braking systems. Along with the benefits introduced by these components, new challenges have presented themselves. One such case was with a Fortune 500 automobile manufacturer in which key components became increasingly susceptible to residual micron-size particulate contamination.

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