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Explorer 4 Analyzer for Industrial Manufacturing

Automated SEM with EDX technology for manufacturing and processing industry

The Thermo Scientific™ Explorer™ 4 Analyzer is the solution for monitoring the quality of incoming material and finished product. From finding that 'killer' particle to monitoring morphology and chemistry of particulate, non-metallic inclusions or voids, the Explorer 4 Analyzer has the answers.

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Robust automation and reporting, together with its small footprint and low cost of ownership make the Explorer 4 Analyzer the best solution for operations looking to improve their production processes and quality while also maximizing operational budgets. Whether you need rapid and nondestructive characterization of inclusions, pores or particles, the Explorer 4 Analyzer provides full morphological and chemical characterization of each individual feature.

A variety of industries from steel production to automotive assemblies rely on the rugged hardware and sophisticated software of the  Explorer 4 Analyzer as a fast and reliable platform for identifying particles as well as surface features.

The  Explorer 4 Analyzer with Recipe Automated Feature Analysis (RAFA), provides a fast, accurate way for manufacturers in many industries to monitor and control the presence of contaminants that affect the product quality. For example, automotive parts manufacturers must control the level of particulate contaminants, which can cause failures in the field and impact their warranty programs. Steel makers are concerned with non-metallic inclusions, which degrade steel quality and can clog nozzles in production equipment. Monitoring the number and type of inclusions lets steel makers adjust production chemistry to reduce the number of pour-backs and improve the quality of their products. The powerful Recipe Automated Feature Analysis extends the proven Aspex algorithms to accurately and reproducible analyze large sets of particle data. The data sets can be trended and reviewed in real-time to identify and correct process issues. The ability to monitor and optimize an industrial process is critical for maximizing production efficiency and cost savings or ultimately, the profitability of the operation.

Explorer 4 Analyzer Benefits 

  • Data matched with industry leading previous generation Explorer
  • Optimized BSE and EDS detectors for high throughput particle and surface feature characterization
  • Removable sample drawer improves efficiency, minimizes downtime and reduces cross contamination
  • Maximize uptime with integrated UPS  
  • 100 mm x 100 mm motorized staging  
  • Low cost of ownership

Offering Dual Purpose Applications

The Explorer 4 Analyzer is the fourth generation of dedicated SEM/ EDX solutions for industrial environments and data acquisition. We understand the value of being able to match data from various generations of Explorer. Whether you want to extend your current industrial SEM/EDX process or want to start with SEM/EDX, the Explorer 4 Analyzer is your proven partner for inclusion analysis and process control. The Explorer 4 Analyzer matches the data of previous generations of Explorer, and in addition, offers new benefits. It features an almost 8x improvement in source life and ability to size smaller inclusions and particles for today's manufacturing environment.


Automotive Parts Cleanliness - A Case Study

Automotive engineers have created remarkable advances in the functionality and reliability of transmissions, fuel injection systems, power trains, and braking systems. Along with the benefits introduced by these components, new challenges have presented themselves. One such case was with a Fortune 500 automobile manufacturer in which key components became increasingly susceptible to residual micron-size particulate contamination.

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