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Explorer 4 Additive

Automated SEM with EDX Spectrometry designed for the Additive Manufacturing industry

The Thermo Scientific™ Explorer™ Additive is the proven solution for automatically and simultaneously monitoring the 3 most critical characteristics of powders for powder-bed and powder-fed additive manufacturing processes. Monitor particle size distributions, individual particle morphology and identify foreign particles.

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Particle Size Distribution

  • Covering entire size range of metal additive manufacturing powder, from submicron to millimeter particles, in accordance with ISO 13222
  • Broadest measurement range for multi-modal samples
  • Validated accuracy and repeatability using proprietary reference sample and analysis


  • Particle morphology reported to ASTM F1877
  • Save high resolution images of every particle
  • Relocate ‘deformed’ particles for detailed morphology and chemical analysis

Foreign Particle Detection

  • Integrated EDX spectrometry for identification of few foreign particles among many thousand particles
  • Quickly identify foreign particles with default classification recipes for common powders
  • Post-process and data mine without need to analyze sample again

Finished Parts Analysis 

  • Automated recipes for unattended analysis of finished parts
  • Detect and characterize voids and inclusions in finished parts
  • Review images of all characterized voids and inclusions

Number Distribution Histogram

Volume Distribution Histogram

Easily switch between volume and particle size distributions for best insight into particle size distributions.

Explorer Additive Benefits

Explorer 4 Additive is fourth generation of dedicated SEM/EDX solutions for industrial environments. With its integrate Uninterruptable Power Supply with battery backup, oil free operation, and CSA certified the Explorer 4 Additive is ready for your environment.

No matter where you are in the world, accepting 90-240V the Explorer 4 can be plugged in anywhere.

User interface in English, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese supported by a global service and applications team gets you quickly to information.

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Explorer Additive Brochure

Download the brochure and learn how the Explorer Additive enables you to qualify & quantify your metal powders for Additive Manufacturin - featuring quick & easy analysis of size, shape & chemistry using automated SEM with EDX spectrometry.



Thermo Scientific Explorer 4 Analyzer Datasheet

Robust automation and reporting, together with its small footprint and low cost of ownership make the Explorer  4 Analyzer the best solution for operations looking to improve their production processes and quality while  also maximizing operational budgets. Whether you need rapid and non-destructive characterization of inclusions, pores or particles, the Explorer 4 Analyzer provides full morphological and chemical characterization of each individual feature.

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