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HeliScan microCT for Oil and Gas

Versatile micro-computed tomography instrument offering highly accurate image quality for quantitative analysis of reservoir rocks

Thermo Scientific™ HeliScan is an advanced microCT system designed with both helical and circular scanning trajectories to provide universities, research institutes, core laboratories and E&P operators a flexible instrument to meet their specific lab requirements. 

With proprietary patented imaging technology and reconstruction algorithms, HeliScan offers the ability to: 

  • Capture high-fidelity, high-resolution accurate images that reduce post-processing interpretation bias 
  • Scan taller, more representative core samples with higher flux to bridge the gap between whole core CT and SEM imaging 
  • Accommodate labs requiring faster throughput such as core laboratories or government repositories where turn-around time and rapid analysis is critical

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Leave Nothing to the Imagination and Capture the Real Rock

microCT datasets provide critical 3D details about the microstructure of reservoir samples, and bridge the gap between whole core CT and scanning electron microscope (SEM) and optical petrography data. To evaluate true reservoir potential, you want the assurance you are accurately capturing the real sample and have the ability to use 100% of the imaged dataset – after all understanding total porosity and permeability relies on accounting for ALL the pores and fluid phases.
Heliscan microCT Scanning

Image Accuracy Matters - Helical is the Difference

Whether conducting 4D experiments, detailed research, scanning and digitizing of samples for future archives, or quantifying porosity, permeability and dynamic rock properties, helical microCT scanning technology delivers the optimal user experience.

Traditional Circular microCT vs HeliScan microCT

When you need the most accurate 3D images of your core samples, leave nothing to imagination. HeliScan is the only microCT that places image accuracy at the heart of the acquisition and reconstruction process so you can rest assured you've captured a precise dataset without introducing user-defined interpretation bias.

Using HeliScan's circular or helical trajectories, you will experience substantial improvements in image quality and usable image areas over traditional circular microCT instruments.

The HeliScan Difference

Taller Samples

Circular vs. Helical Scanning

Source Stability & Thermal Drift Correction

Shale diffusion experiment. The 72-hour duration was only possible due to the integrated cooling system designed to keep the source stable in the HeliScan microCT.
HeliScan incorporates a unique, patented Drift Correction algorithm that cleans the image data during reconstruction to automatically correct blurring caused by thermal drift, a known issue in all microCT systems.

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HeliScan microCT for Oil and Gas

An open cavity design, internal cooling system, patented iterative image reconstruction software, and the ability to handle larger and taller samples makes HeliScan an incredibly flexible microCT to support a variety of applications.

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