Focused Ion Beam Microscope

Vion Plasma Focused Ion Beam for Semiconductors

20 times faster than FIBs based on liquid metal ion sources

The Vion™ Plasma Focused Ion Beam system (PFIB) is the first FEI product to incorporate plasma ion source technology. With over one microamp of beam current, it can remove material much faster (>20X) than FIBs based on liquid metal ion sources (LMISs), which typically max out at a few tens of nanoamps. The Vion preserves excellent milling precision and imaging resolution at low-beam currents. The twenty time improvement in speed makes it practical to cross section and analyze critical new technologies that have become primary drivers of new product development in the semiconductor industry, such as through silicon vias (TSVs) and stacked die used in 3D packaging.

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High-speed, large-area cross-sectioning and material removal

Vion PFIB adds significantly more capacity to your lab with best-in-class milling and imaging performance in a single, easy-to-use instrument. Increase throughput over conventional gallium-based FIB by more than 20 times for site-specific, cross-sectional milling and large region of interest preparation for other analytical techniques.

Innovative Plasma FIB Source Technology

The Vion PFIB uses a radically different ion source technology than that used in the vast majoirty of FIB based systems today (the gallium LMIS). This new ion source and column, developed by FEI, enables highly precise high-speed cutting and milling. In addition, the PFIB can selectively deposit patterned conductors and insulators. By combining high-speed milling with precise control, the system can be used in several ways in the development of manufacturing of semiconductor devices, such as:

  • Failure analysis of bumps, wire bonds, TSVs, and stacked die
  • Surgically remove material to enable failure analysis and fault isolate on buried die
  • For process monitoring and development at die/package level
  • Defect analysis of packaged parts and MEMS devices