DualBeam Microscope

Versa 3D DualBeam

Building on the history and success of FEI's pioneering DualBeam, low vacuum and ESEM™ expertise, FEI introduces the most versatile DualBeam instrument to date. The Versa 3D offers state-of-the-art imaging and analytical performance to deliver a greater range of 3D data from even your most challenging samples.

Versa 3D's highly configurable platform allows customers to adapt the system's capabilities to their specific requirements. The combination of  high and low vacuum modes gives the flexibility to work with a range of samples including uncoated and  non-conductive samples. Optional ESEM mode allows electron beam imaging of naturally hydrated samples and supports in situ analysis and experimentation with additional dynamic temperature stages.

Versa 3D for Materials Science

Developing next generation products requires new materials science tools and capabilities to give researchers the required characterization data to really understand how materials are interconnected and what properties are important for function. This means applying techniques like 3D data acquisition to fully understand material properties. Traditionally, a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) provided enough capabilities for most investigations, but for exploring and developing next generation materials, both SEM and Focused Ion Beam (FIB) technology is required. And of the different kinds of SEM/FIB instruments available, the Versa 3D is the one that offers more capabilities to meet the demands for advanced material analysis, especially for non-conductive materials and samples that require characterization in their natural states.

If you are already familiar with a SEM, consider the many other applications that you can achieve using DualBeam technology and the Versa 3D. You get more capabilities in one platform with fewer limitations to your research options.

Product Models

Versa 3D for Semiconductors

You know the exact features you want to produce in your sample. Versa 3D gets you to the desired sample, prepared with precision for whatever analytical technique you target. Whether its analysis in STEM or TEM, atomic probe microscopy, hot stage and tensile test experiments, EBSD analysis, or sub-surface feature metrology – the Versa 3D combines the site-specificity inherent with using FIB, with software routines for ease of use and automation, giving you a powerful platform to confidently produce the highest quality samples quickly. Automation minimizes errors, while reducing the time to prepare samples so you can focus on conducting more in-depth analysis with a high quality, precisely prepared sample in less time.

Product Models

  • Versa 3D for Semiconductors