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Pore network and fluid-flow modeling give understanding of relative permeability and reservoir behavior.

Products and Services

Designed for Oil and Gas. Built by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The portfolio of solutions for digital rock analysis and modeling from Thermo Fisher Scientific includes high-precision microscopy instruments, 3D visualization and image processing software, and multi-disciplinary expertise in imaging, analysis, and modeling.

Our solutions help operators::

  • Predict reservoir quality and performance throughout the lifecycle of the asset by providing valuable data and knowledge that reduces risk and uncertainty.
  • Leverage the full value of petrophysical data, particularly rock properties, through process-based, pore-scale modeling of two-phase flow.
  • Understand low permeability reservoirs by investigating micro- and nano-porosity and TOC mapping.
  • Improve recovery through imaging and modeling of saturation and imbibition processes, simple three-phase flow, and fluid sensitivity analysis.

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Digital Rock Services

Using MAPS and QEMScan technology, geoscientists can preserve the nano-scale resolution of SEM datasets while placing the information in larger spatial context to get a better understanding of rock composition, fabric, and texture. This is a carbonate.

Advanced Microscopy Imaging Systems

To generate pore-scale models or gain nano-resolution understanding of the reservoir rock, digital rock lab managers will need high-resolution, high-fidelity electron-, ion-beam, and micro-computed tomographic-based microscopy systems. SEM, FIBSEM, FESEM, and microCT data provide crucial details about rock heterogeneity, mineral composition, porosity, lithology, and fluid distribution. As part of a multi-scale imaging process, our systems are utilized in petrology, reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering, and petrophysics to understand rock properties such as origin, composition, structure and microstructure, porosity, permeability, pore connectivity, formation damage, EOR mechanisms, and wettability. 

 Our microscopy portfolio includes:

Visualization and Processing Software

Our software portfolio includes MAPS, a suite of tools for analyzing and processing raw SEM data, and Avizo, an application for advanced 3D visualization, segmentation, and quantification.


 MAPS is user-friendly SEM acquisition and correlative microscopy software that enables visualization of large areas through automated stitching of multiple high-resolution images. It offers nanometer resolution over millimeters of area for evaluating and extracting statistical microstructure.


Build a common rock model for better understanding of reservoir quality and performance with PerGeos, a robust software platform for visualizing, processing, and analyzing 2D and 3D digital rock image data. Based on Avizo and embedding 20-years of expertise in digital rock imaging and modeling, PerGeos is the newest addition to our portfolio and has been designed specifically for the oil and gas industry to fast-track and aid multi-disciplinary core analysis.

Geoscientists can rapidly interpret digital rock imagery to better understand formation features and measure physical properties, while the flexible, modular architecture of PerGeos supports the exchange of information and rock statistics between geologists, petrophysicists, and core analysts.

Analysis, Interpretation, and Modeling Services

Gain valuable knowledge and understanding of static and dynamic rock properties from our multi-disciplinary team of geologists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, microscopy and imaging specialists, and routine core analysis (RCA) and special core analysis (SCAL) experts.

Within our state-of-the-art digital rock laboratories, we conduct a broad range of services that utilize proprietary workflows and technology, including:

  • Plug Screening: QC of samples prior to core and geomechanical laboratory testing of static rock properties. 
  • Digital SCAL: measuring and modeling of dynamic rock-fluid properties. 
  • Digital SCAL for non-standard rock: ideal for cuttings, damaged, sidewall, and unconsolidated sands. 
  • Multi-scale organics and porosity mapping and labeling: determining shale rock properties. 
  • Time Series Imaging: understanding and visualizing 3D saturation, imbibition, and remaining oil saturation (ROS). 
  • Fluid Sensitivity Studies: drilling and completions surfactants and EOR programs. 
  • Consulting services and training

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