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As demand for oil and gas increases and reserves are depleted, the need for more efficient and effective ways to extract hydrocarbons is imperative. Thermo Fisher Scientific Oil and Gas business, featuring Digital Rock Technology and Solutions, informs economic decisions by providing new insights into mechanisms that control reservoir flow throughout the lifecycle of the asset . By understanding pore-scale rock features, we deliver qualitative and quantitative solutions to complex reservoir challenges.

Digital Rock solutions provide insights that help operators and geoscientists improve reservoir characterization while also aiding cost-effective ultimate recovery and enhancing production predictability in a variety of conventional and unconventional plays.

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Exploration-to-Production Solutions

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Open tight sand pore about 2 microns in diameter

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Determining the Damage

Understand how microscopic causes of "Formation Damage" can alter drilling programs for greater ROI. Read the study to image samples of the reservoir rocks, before and after exposure to brines of various compositions, using digital rock technology.

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Discover Digital Rock

Digital Rock encompasses a multi-disciplinary approach involving advanced microscopy and physics combined with geology, geochemistry, petrophysics, and petroleum engineering to understand the pore-scale microstructure of reservoir rock. It is used to help E&P operators reduce exploration and production risk while informing decision-making to improve recovery.

Whether you need help designing your own digital rock laboratory or you want our team to help you image, model and understand a specific reservoir challenge, we have the technology and expertise to help.

Digital rock technology, analysis, and modeling is used to:

  • Understand depositional environments and diagenetic processes.
  • Optimize drilling, completions, and production strategies.
  • Improve reservoir recovery estimates (OIP and TOC) to aid better downstream decision-making.
  • Define petrophysical measurements for routine core analysis (RCA) and special core analysis (SCAL) for more accurate determination of EUR.
  • Reduce risk and provide a better insight based on multi-scenario and sensitivity analysis that cannot be acquired through traditional lab testing

Exploration-to-Production: Solutions for Economic Decision-Making

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the only digital rock solutions provider to offer a complete portfolio of advanced imaging systems, visualization and modeling software, and expertise. We help our clients explore reservoir rock to understand how lithology, porosity, wettability, mineralogy, connectivity, permeability, and microporosity impact fluid flow and reservoir behavior. By leveraging the strengths and expertise across our portfolio, we are able to design digital rock solutions and laboratories that meet the unique reservoir challenges of our clients throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

Reservoir Solutions: Conventionals and Unconventionals

Whether you are working in carbonates, clastics, tight sands, or unconventionals such as shale, heavy oil, and coal seam gas, our solutions can help you understand the measurements of traditional laboratory testing. As a complement to routine and special core analysis, digital rock technology affords deeper insight and a more accurate understanding of how the reservoir reacts. Learn more about our ability to help with advanced reservoir characterization and understanding of:

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Digital SCAL modeling of dynamic rock-fluid properties

FEI's digital SCAL is a comprehensive special core analysis (SCAL) workflow for carbonates, clastics, and some tight samples. It uses digital rock technology to derive multi-phase fluid flow properties. The resulting models can be derived in less time than traditional lab tests and can be used to run multi-scenario studies to test fluid sensitivities, various saturation and flooding methods, and wettability states.

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Using Wettability to Understand Log Response

Digital Rock Provides Predictive Insight to Oil Recovery

To understand the log data patterns in a discontinuous sandstone reservoir, Newfield Exploration engaged FEI's digital rock experts to conduct a pore-scale wettability study with a goal to optimize primary oil production as well as to increase secondary recovery from waterflooding. Understanding the nature and connectivity of the porosity system is a key first step to predicting waterflood performance. Read the full article to learn more about how digital rock improves log interpretation and provides insight to potential recovery scenarios by visually linking pore:fluid and pore:mineral associations to initial and residual hydrocarbon saturations.

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