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Minerals and Mining

Accelerate analysis, reduce costs, and increase throughput

Thermo Fisher Scientific automated mineralogy workflows are transforming productivity for mining customers by delivering relevant answers when, where, and how they are needed. Our customers accelerate analysis, reduce analysis costs, and increase throughput to more easily make critical characterization and production decisions. Whether in a centralized lab or at the mine, or production site, our customers move from questions to answers with user-friendly solutions for anyone.

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Automated Mineralogy & Petrography

Automated Mineralogy & Petrography is a technology solution that images rocks. It provides valuable information on which minerals are present in a sample (mineralogy) and how they occur spatially (microtexture). Measurements are performed ultrafast and unattended (automated) to allow high sample throughput.

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Stay Up-to-Date With the Latest MLA and QEMSCAN software

We are constantly striving to improve our solutions, and software service packs are the best way to ensure that your automated mineralogy platform is up-to-date and optimized.

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