Extending capabilities for In Situ Electron Microscopy

For maximum insight into material properties, their structure and performance must be characterized and quantified using methods that go beyond static 2D imaging. By observing these materials under conditions that mimic the actual use case, it is possible to gain deeper understanding of the relationship between structure and composition, unique properties, and material performance.​

Our NanoEx 3D   in situ holders leverage the acquired intellectual property assets of Nanofactory Instruments AB, which FEI purchased in 2013.

NanoEx Holders

NanoEx i/v

Know the temperature. Understand your sample.

The FEI NanoEx-i/v is a single-tilt TEM specimen heating and biasing holder for in situ S/TEM imaging and elemental analysis at elevated temperatures.

NanoEx i/v - thermalNanoEx i/v - electrical

NanoEx 3D STM and Electrical Probe

Probe on the sample. Where you want.

The FEI NanoEx 3D STM/EP is our new double-tilt TEM specimen holder with a patented Piezo-controller 3D probe for in situ electrical characterization and/or STM imaging of materials.

NanoEx i/v - electrical

NanoEx 3D Indenter

Deform your sample. Measure what happens.

The FEI NanoEx 3D indenter is a double-tilt TEM specimen holder that includes a nanoindenter system allowing in situ nano-indentation specimen characterization.

NanoEx 3D STM/EP - electricalNanoEx 3D Indenter - mechanical

NanoEx solutions for the TEM platform

FEI provides in situ solutions specifically designed for the FEI microscope platform—making research faster, easier, and more reproducible. Components are guaranteed to work together seamlessly, providing a new level of correlation between data and in situ parameters.​

NanoEx solutions are optimized for use on the Talos, Titan Themis 200/300, and Titan Themis3 300. It is also available for retrofit on earlier FEI TEM platforms.​