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Researchers are always looking for ways to improve the products they've developed. They might be investigating the properties of high temperature ceramics to improve the heat resistance of coatings. They might be developing new inks or papers to extend print longevity. The possible research scenarios are vast, and the challenges can come in all shapes, sizes and compositions.

To thoroughly characterize properties and behaviors of materials requires research tools that deliver imaging and analytical insights at multiple scales and dimensions. These solutions need to be capable of handling samples that are hard or soft, delicate or durable, thin or thick, organic or inorganic, electrically conductive or insulating, and sometimes even hydrated or oil-coated.

Materials scientists are turning insights into innovation every day, and electron microscopy plays a major role in the discovery process. With the ability to visualize and understand materials structure and composition and its behavior under varying environmental influences, researchers are able to utilize this new knowledge and turn it into the products and materials that can improve the quality of life around the globe.


Featured Product

Quanta SEM Series

Our most versatile SEM, the Quanta SEM is the advanced, flexible solution for materials characterization. Featuring three operating modes - high vacuum, low vacuum and ESEM™ - it is engineered to provide imaging and compositional data from all samples, with or without preparation including:

  • traditional conductive materials
  • oxidation/corrosion samples
  • ceramics, composites, plastics
  • films and coatings
  • soft materials: polymers, pharmaceuticals, gels
  • particles, porous materials, fibers 

Unique to Quanta is its standard Environmental SEM (ESEM) capability for in situ, dynamic experiments, offering many possibilities for materials research. Image hydrated samples. Observe crystallization or phase transformation during humidity or thermal cycling; study particles in suspensions or self-assembly processes; perform tensile testing, with heating or cooling if desired. 

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Information from every Angle - Directional BSE detector for next-level imaging

Directional BSE detector for next-level imaging - This application note will look at the different signals available, and methodologies to capture all of the available information. Repeatedly imaging a sample to gather all of the required information can often lead to sample damage and contamination. The Directional Backscatter Detector, available on all FEI’s SEM and DualBeam systems offers a unique way to simultaneously capture information from every angle, while other benefits such as filtering of charge while imaging non-conductive specimen is also realized.

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