Correlative Microscopy

Biological systems are vastly complex, but the ability to see detailed relationships between structure and function at various levels of resolution and within a functional correlated context brings greater understanding.

For the most comprehensive results, a correlative approach is the best; however, correlative methods in the past were time-consuming, limited in accuracy and, sometimes, even impossible. But FEI has changed the way correlative microscopy is conducted, with new solutions designed for ease of use, accuracy and efficiency. Both light and electron microscopists will appreciate FEI's comprehensive methods. Take a moment to discover which workflow is right for you.

MAPS & CorrSight : Non-integrated correlative workflow

MAPS is Modular Automated Processing System software, and it is the optimal solution for researchers who already have a light microscope and need a solution to capture high resolution data and correlate precisely. MAPS delivers fast, accurate correlated images that deliver maximum insight.

MAPS software uses only image data to correlate and is compatible with any light microscope. Features in your ligh microscopy images are used as a basis for correlation-including fiducials and cellular structures.

FEI's CorrSight provides a suite of products that optimize the major steps within the correlative workflow. To meet specific imaging needs, users can configure a fully automated correlative imaging system by choosing from FEI's innovative portfolio of light microscopy modules. Further, integrated MAPS software manages the entire workflow from light to electron microscopy, thereby ensuring automatic alignment of instruments and images.

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MAPS Offline Viewer

Name: MAPS Offline Viewer
Version: 2.1.38
Description: This is a free, standalone application for viewing MAPS projects from a PC.
OS supported: Windows XP/7/8.1
Instructions: After installation, launch the application and import your projects for viewing.

MAPS Offline Viewer allows you to open MAPS projects on any PC. It also allows easier sharing of results without the need to have a licensed version of MAPS. The viewer does not allow processing steps like stitching etc.



CorrSight Datasheet

FEI’s CorrSight™ provides a suite of products to optimize and automate the major steps within any correlative workflow. To meet specific imaging needs, users can configure a fully automated correlative imaging system by choosing from FEI’s innovative portfolio of light microscopy modules.

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Products for Correlative Microscopy

MAPS Software
Navigate, tile, stitch, correlate and analyse data from large areas of high resolution images 
CorrSight is a true enabler of the correlative workflow offering automation, simple operation and optimal support for various correlative light and electron microscopy workflows.

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