Cellular Biology

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How do cells signal change? What roles do individual cell structures play? How do they interact? Questions like these drive exploration of cell activities, functions, properties, and organization. However, cell processes must be studied individually and as part of integrated events for advances in disease prevention, epidemic control, drug discovery and food production.

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Correlative Microscopy

Sub-Cellular Imaging

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CorrSight gives you a suite of products that optimizes the major steps within the correlative workflow. To meet specific imaging needs, users can configure a fully automated correlative imaging system by choosing from FEI's innovative portfolio of lightmicroscopy modules. Download more information.

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Correlative Microscopy Solutions Brochure

Correlative microscopy presents challenges that FEI is addressing with new technologies and developments that allow biological researchers to conduct correlative microscopy experiments that are fast, accurate and easy.

Our dedicated solutions are significantly improving the success in completing multiple types of correlative experiments by addressing the challenges with sample fixation, preparation, imaging and correlation in different workflows.

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