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Basic life processes start in the cell. To understand how cells function and respond to disease or genetic variations, life scientists engage in cellular and structural biology research. Cellular biology explores individual cells and ways in which they are organized into organs and tissues. Structural biologists delve deep into sub-cellular components, organelles and macromolecular structures.

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Single Particle Analysis

How to Engage in cryo-EM SPA


Large Volume Analysis

The History of Cryo-EM

Single Particle Analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific's cryo-transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM) workflow for SPA allows scientists to study protein complexes in their natural, native state. This highly automated workflow delivers exceptional throughput and superb data quality, leading to greater insight and understanding in less time. Discover how our workflow for SPA has developed into one of the leading applications in structural biology, cumulating in a true "Method of the Year" solution.

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Studying the molecular machinery of cells from atomic detail to the cellular context and beyond is a great challenge. Explore Thermo Fisher Scientific's cryo-tomography workflow covering live-cell imaging, vitreous freezing, cryo-fluorescence microscopy, sample thinning by focused ion beam microscopy, and high-resolution electron cryo-tomography.

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Large Volume Analysis

Unraveling the complex 3D architecture of cells and tissues in their natural context is crucial for gaining understanding of the structure–function correlation in biological systems. Our novel serial block-face imaging (SBFI) solution enables excellent z-resolution from Multi-Energy Deconvolution SEM (MED-SEM) combined with the efficiency of in situ sectioning. Automation and ease-of-use increase the productivity of operators of varying levels of expertise, allowing for acquisition of large sample volumes at isotropic resolution.

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