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Electron Microscopy Solutions

An Introduction to Electron Microscopy

Resources for Teachers and Students

Teachers  -  help your students learn more about electron microscopy and nanotechnology with the following education resources from Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Electron Microscopy Brochure

An Introduction to Electron Microscopy Brochure

The PDF version of An Introduction to Electron Microscopy is available free for download at the link below:

Classroom PowerPoint Presentation

Use our Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to give your students a rich, yet easy-to-follow learning experience focused on electron microscopy and nanotechnology. The presentation, based on the Thermo Fisher Scientific booklet "An Introduction to Electron Microscopy", covers all aspects of microscopy - the history, instruments, technology, applications, and more - and is ideally suited for a science curriculum ranging from high school to college. The presentation contains amazing nano-scale images, technical illustrations and animations, and includes detailed speaker notes and a classroom script (separate download) to aid in the presentation.