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Automotive Parts Cleanliness

The Thermo Scientific Explorer 4 with CleanCHK software monitors automotive part cleanliness right on the production floor

CleanCHK software is the first fully automated particulate contamination monitor specifically designed for automotive applications. It monitors automotive part cleanliness by providing particulate data within minutes, right on the production floor. 

Technological advances in the automotive manufacturing industry have led to stricter standards for cleanliness in the fluid systems of motor vehicles, such as the brakes, hoses, nozzles and pumps. Monitoring the cleanliness of parts to quickly identify the source of contaminants is a critical concern for quality-conscious manufacturers who want to reduce field failure rates and warranty costs.

An Alternative to Traditional Method Challenges

Gravimetric analysis can calculate the total mass of contaminants, but fails to produce individual particle data. As a result, components may pass gravimetric testing, yet still fail to function due to undetected small particles that were missed, such as aluminum oxides.

Explorer 4 Analyzer with CleanCHK software provides:

  • particle size
  • particle shape
  • chemical composition
  • particle count

Analytical Solutions for Automotive Applications

From leather interiors to alternative energy powertrain, every automotive component is designed for profitability, performance and appeal. Analytical instruments reveal the chemistry and composition details needed to maximize each automotive material.

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Automated Instrument Setup and Calibration

Implementing the Explorer 4 with CleanCHK software in your automotive manufacturing process means that no longer is it a requirement for specialized personnel to monitor and use the instrument. CleanCHK software allows an administrator to set up the calibration and testing sequences and have this information stored in the instrument so any operator can simply load the samples and hit "go." Once activated, the instrument takes over and the user can literally walk away and come back when the samples are completed. This feature eliminates the need for users to manually run calibration and set up the instrument, freeing them up to resume their normal duties while the samples are being tested.

Compliant with ISO 16232 and VDA 19

CleanCHK software's reporting module was designed to allow users to comply with industry standards such as ISO 16232 and VDA19, or incorporate their own standards. It automatically classifies each sample according to the component cleanliness code in compliance with the standard, and can generate reports using only the larger particles or by trending data through histograms.

Particle Identification

The CleanCHK software allows for rapid search of large areas in a sample, targeting problem particles while disregarding "empty" spaces or benign materials in the sample.  In the image to the left, an aluminum oxide particle contaminant was traced back to an abrasive used in the cleaning process.  

Rugged Design Fits All Environments

The Explorer 4 Analyzer with CleanCHK software is durable enough to be used right on the production floor.  The analyzer has a small footprint which allows it to be installed close to the production line, allowing immediate access for monitoring.  Engineers and QA managers can immediately identify the source of potential contamination and quickly fix the issue, which ultimately results in reduced failure rates, recalls and costs. 

CleanCHK Platforms

CleanCHK software is available on the Explorer 4 Analyzer, the only automated laboratory SEM built in an industrialized package to allow installation virtually anywhere.

This truly integrated, affordable instrument offers:

  • Automated sample set-up and analysis
  • Automated instrument calibration
  • Flexible reporting module designed for any cleanliness standard
  • Accurate data in minutes for particle size, shape and chemistry
  • Rugged design for installation and use in production environments

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Automotive Parts Cleanliness - A Case Study

Automotive engineers have created remarkable advances in the functionality and reliability of transmissions, fuel injection systems, power trains, and braking systems. Along with the benefits introduced by these components, new challenges have presented themselves. One such case was with a Fortune 500 automobile manufacturer in which key components became increasingly susceptible to residual micron-size particulate contamination.

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Products for Automotive Parts Cleanliness

Explorer 4 Analyzer for Metals

The Thermo Scientific™ Explorer™ 4 Analyzer is the solution for monitoring the production process and the quality of finished product. From finding the extreme inclusion to monitoring morphology and composition of nonmetallic inclusions or populations, the Explorer 4 Analyzer has the answers.

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