Industrial Manufacturing

Optimize quality control with automated, industrialized SEM

The Aspex Product Group from FEI is a collection of scanning electron microscopes for industrial microscopy solutions which help to improve quality control, production capacity, and profitability. Suitable for the most rugged environments, Aspex solutions are used in demanding military, oilfield, industrial, and factory floor settings.

Turn particles into solutions for:

  • Quality control
  • Cleanliness
  • Process efficiency

This family of SEM's specializes in automated particle analysis that can rapidly detect the size, shape and elemental composition of an entire sample.

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Advantages of an Industrialized SEM

These scanning electron microscopes with energy dispersive spectrometry can not only automatically document thousands of particles per hour while detecting the size and shape of each particle, but also identify the elemental composition of the particle. This valuable information can help manufacturers pinpoint the exact failing part or contamination source saving time, money, and perfecting their manufacturing process. Additionally, Aspex solutions offer a practical and push-button-easy to use system that can be tailored to your specific requirements and deliver results during the first day on the production floor. Industrial manufacturing solutions from the Aspex Product Group enable customers to quickly turn information into informed decisions.

What sets the Aspex Product Group apart from the competition is the fact that the solutions come from a single source manufacturer. There are many benefits to having both the scanning electron microscope and EDX detector created by the same company. For one, it makes service calls and routine maintenance procedures productive and efficient, decreasing downtime. System performance is accelerated because of optimal communication between the SEM and EDX detector when all components are manufactured by a single source. Maximum system performance means users are able to make quality control decisions faster and with more confidence. Identical user interface models allow for ease of use and greatly decreases the learning curve for new users.