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Deprocessing 1x node Contact level

Deprocessing 1x node Contact level, Helios G4 PFIB

Taken by Helios G4 PFIB microscope

YMnO3 Thin Film Grown by MOCVD

YMnO3 thin film grown by MOCVD on silicon substrate at 750°C. Image processing by Andrei Branescu.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 10,000x
Sample: YMnO3
Detector: SE
Voltage: 15 kV
Vacuum: HV
Working Distance: 9.1
Spot: 3.0

TSV Array

A cleaning cross-section mill pattern of 40 x 20 μm is used to clean up the section view of the TSV array for closer inspection (44 nA, 20 minutes)

Courtesy of Fraunhofer-Munich

Taken by Vion Plasma microscope

Magnification: 3500 x
Sample: silicon
Horizontal Field Width: 73.1 μm
Working Distance: 16.5 mm

Copper Metal with Sulfur

Copper metal with sulfur and chromium

Courtesy of Laura Schlimgen

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 200x
Detector: BSE
Voltage: 25 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 100 μm
Working Distance: 10.8 mm
Spot: 6.8 nA

Inside Tree

Xylem vessel in plant wood

Courtesy of Mr. Wadah Mahmoud , The University of Jordan

Taken by Inspect microscope

Magnification: 12,000x
Detector: SE
Voltage: 3 kV
Vacuum: High Vacuum
Working Distance: 9.5
Spot: 3.0

Novel Meso Phases Catalyst

Novel Meso Phases Vanadium pyrophosphate Catalyst can be used as Catalyst for selective oxidation of Hydrocarbons

Courtesy of Basant Kumar

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 20,000x
Detector: SE
Voltage: 5.0 KV
Vacuum: 2 x 10 -7 Pa
Horizontal Field Width: 14.9 micron
Working Distance: 9.3 mm
Spot: 4.0 nA

Cross of the Knights Templar

ZnO nanoparticles obtained by hydrothermal synthesis using microwave heating.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 13000x
Sample: ZnO
Detector: LFD
Voltage: 20 kV
Vacuum: 80 Pa
Horizontal Field Width: 23 μm
Working Distance: 10.1
Spot: 3.0

Bidens Ferulifolia Pollen

Bidens Ferulifolia Pollen on plant structures.

Courtesy of Roetz Hagen

Taken by DualBeam microscope

Magnification: 800x
Detector: CDM-E
Voltage: 10 kV
Vacuum: high vacuum
Working Distance: 6.2 mm
Spot: 3.0 nA

Summer Sherbet

Image of tree bark; courtesy of student Allyson Young.

Courtesy of Allyson Young (submitted by Alyssa Calabro) , Bergen County Technical Schools

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope

Aphid on White Poplar (Populus alba)

Aphid on the leaves of white poplar (Populus alba)

Courtesy of Riccardo Antonelli

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 100x
Detector: LFD
Voltage: 12.50 kV
Vacuum: 0.975 torr
Horizontal Field Width: 1.49 mm
Working Distance: 9.8 mm
Spot: 4.0 nA

Silver micro streams

Silver micro streams on crystalline silicon substrate obtained after dry etching of a thin silver film.

Courtesy of Tomas Tamulevicius

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 5,000x
Sample: dry etched thing silver film on silicon
Detector: SE-ETD
Voltage: 30 kV
Vacuum: High vacuum
Horizontal Field Width: 51.2 um
Working Distance: 8.6mm
Spot: 3.5

Gold Mushroom

Gold Nanorods are electrochemically grown to produce SERS active surfaces. Each rod has a diameter of approximately 200nm, however, the length is dependent on the deposition time. If the deposition time is too long, then rods become longer than the template. Without site directed growth, the gold forms larger aggregates, which resulted in the formation of the gold mushroom after the template was removed.

Courtesy of Jay Leitch

Taken by Inspect microscope

Magnification: 2000X
Sample: Gold
Detector: SE
Voltage: 20 KV
Working Distance: 10.2 mm
Spot: 3.5

Desert rose Cu particles

Desert rose Cu particles formed after the decomposition of CuH at ambient conditions.

Courtesy of Nadezda Tarakina

Taken by Helios NanoLab microscope

Magnification: 175,000x
Sample: Cu hydride particles
Detector: TLD
Voltage: 5kV
Working Distance: 3.0

Influenza Virus under EM

Influenza A virus sample taken via FEI Tecnai TF20, liquid ethane plunge frozen.

Courtesy of Mr. Long Gui , University of Washington

Taken by Tecnai microscope

Magnification: 11,500X
Sample: influenza A virus
Detector: CCD
Voltage: 200 kV
Vacuum: 6 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 2.00
Working Distance: 4.0
Spot: 3.0

Cut the Red One

Image of the wires found in a headphone cable. Student image courtesy of Yve Lepkowski.

Courtesy of Craig Queenan

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope

Magnification: 120X
Sample: Frayed Headphone Cable
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 30kV
Working Distance: 8.1mm
Spot: 3.0

Self Assembly of Polystyrene Nanospheres

Self assembly of 500 nm polystyrene nanospheres onto optical photoresist. The nanospheres acts like microlenses, exposing the resist and patterning it with a dot structure. After metalisation (in this case sputtered permalloy) the following lift-off leaves the metal structure on the upper pert of the microphoto. In the lower part the original array of self-assembled nanospheres used as microlenses.

Courtesy of Luca Boarino

Taken by Inspect F50 microscope

Magnification: 8000x
Detector: SE
Voltage: 5 kV
Vacuum: .3 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 40 µm
Working Distance: 8.1 mm
Spot: 2 nA

Rice Leaf

Rice leaf with a layer of Wax

Courtesy of Nicole Ottawa, Eye of Science

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Perovskite Catalyst

Mixed oxide of lanthanum, titanium and copper with perovskite structure. It has been studied as a catalyst in water treatment processes, in particular in ozonation photocatalytic of phenolics compounds. The catalysts promote the process of removing contaminants from water.

Courtesy of Maria Carbajo

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope

Magnification: 6500
Sample: Mixed oxide of lanthanum, titanium and copper
Detector: SE
Voltage: 5.00kV
Horizontal Field Width: 46 μm
Working Distance: 9.9 mm
Spot: 5.0

Micro Emitters

Image shows array of micro pillars FIB machined on a silicon wafer.

Courtesy of Saravanan Arunachalam

Taken by Helios NanoLab microscope

Magnification: 4000x
Sample: Si
Detector: SE
Voltage: 15 kV
Working Distance: 4.1 mm


A lag screw thread extending spirally from the screw head to the tip of the screw

Courtesy of Maria Carbajo

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope

Magnification: 65x
Sample: screw
Detector: SE
Voltage: 5.0 kV
Vacuum: 8.8e-4 Pa
Horizontal Field Width: 4,60 mm
Working Distance: 30.3 mm
Spot: 5.0

Cross section of soft-drink plastic bottle label

This is a cross-section of the film that is used to produce the labels of soft-drink plastic bottles, such as cola. As can be seen on the image the internal structure of the film is more complex than one might think, containing different layer types and particles.

Courtesy of Mr. Marcos Rosado , Institut Catala de Nanociencia i Nanotecnologia

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 2500x
Detector: BSED at Low Vacuum
Voltage: 20kV
Vacuum: High Vacuum
Horizontal Field Width: 119um
Working Distance: 10mm
Spot: 4.0


Foraminifera are indicator species used for reconstruction of past environments. This sample was taken from Cancun sand beach.

Courtesy of Ivan Jimenez Boone

Taken by MLA microscope

Magnification: 300x
Sample: Cancun sand beach
Detector: BSE
Voltage: 25 kV
Vacuum: Hi Vac
Horizontal Field Width: 500 µm
Working Distance: 10
Spot: 7.5

ZnO Nanowire Haystack

A haystack of ZnO Nanowires on Si substrate.

Courtesy of Peter Heß

Taken by Nova NanoSEM microscope

Magnification: 2500x
Sample: ZnO
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 5 kV
Vacuum: 0.00000536681 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 120 μm
Working Distance: 5.1 mm
Spot: 2 nA

Etching Pits in Alumina Layer

Etching pits and caves in an alumina layer.

Courtesy of Stefan Ostendorp

Taken by Nova NanoSEM microscope

Magnification: 8000
Detector: vCD
Voltage: 7kV
Vacuum: 0.0000180957mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 37 µm
Working Distance: 6,9 mm
Spot: 5 nA

Semiconductor 3D Failure Analysis

Dual Beam corner cut was chosen for the 3D failure analysis. During semiconductor process, abnormal particle dropped and blocked the following metal filled in.

Courtesy of Chia-Lung Lin

Taken by DualBeam microscope

Magnification: 65k
Detector: TLD-S
Voltage: 10kV
Working Distance: 4.751
Spot: 3 nA