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Lithium Ions into Bulk Silicon

When intercalating Lithium ions into bulk silicon,the expansion of the host materrial is tremedous and provokes the formation of features with varius shapes: volcanoes, rifts, etc.

Courtesy of Frans Holthuysen

Taken by Nova NanoSEM microscope

Magnification: 400x
Detector: SE
Voltage: 7 KV
Working Distance: 10 mm
Spot: 3 nA

Crystalline Ni Fragments

Crystalline Ni Fragments DF-STEM image revealing high contrast crystalline Ni fragments in Boron nanowire. Product: Talos TEM

Taken by Talos microscope


HAADF STEM image- cross section TEM sample Contact-Liner-Silicide & Source/Drain SiGe on the left hand side and part of the PMOS gate on right hand side of image

Courtesy of Dr. Neerushana Jehanathan , Chipworks

Taken by Krios microscope

Magnification: 1800000 x
Detector: HAADF
Voltage: 300 kV

Developing Glandular Trichomes of Basil

Formation of glandular trichomes on lower leaf surface of a young leaf of basil (Ocimum basilicum). The smaller trichomes with four evident cells have just formed and the cuticles covering their four glandular cells still adhere to the glandular cells. Three of the larger trichomes are more mature and essential oils secreted from the glandular cells of these trichomes have caused the cuticles covering them to separate from the cells and balloon outward, hiding the glandular cap cells below. This unfixed leaf was imaged with an FEI Quanta 200F SEM in environmental mode at Washington State University’s Franceschi Microscopy and Imaging Center. Scale bar = 150 µm.

Courtesy of Glenn Turner

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 400 x
Sample: unfixed leaf of basil (Ocimum basilicum)
Detector: GSED
Voltage: 20 kV
Vacuum: 130 Pa
Horizontal Field Width: 376 µm
Working Distance: 9.9 mm
Spot: 3.0

Diatomée du lac Léman


Courtesy of Mr. Mucciolo Antonio , University of Lausanne

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 2750
Sample: Platinum
Detector: BSED Z contrast
Voltage: 25Kv
Vacuum: Hi Vacc
Horizontal Field Width: 54.3
Working Distance: 10
Spot: 5



Courtesy of Dr. Dave Patton , UWE

Taken by SEM microscope

Magnification: 1125x
Sample: Diatom
Detector: GSE
Voltage: 20 kV
Vacuum: 2.4 Torr
Horizontal Field Width: 110 microns
Working Distance: 10.3
Spot: 5.0

Automated Pillar Preparation

Automated FIB preparation of pillars with well-defined shapes for applications such as atom probe or micro mechanical testing Product: Helios NanoLab DualBeam

Taken by Helios NanoLab microscope

Trabecular Rete of Human Oculus

The trabecular rete of human oculus consists of crossing collagen fibers with cells and extracellular matrix on the surface. Also on the surface of the trabeculae we can see round granules (not bacteria) of organic origin. The use of SEM in ophthalmologic microsurgery allows to evaluate the quality of surgical technique. These studies were conducted jointly with Lyubimova T.S. from Scientific Technical Complex “Microsurgery of oculus”.

Courtesy of Natalia Shevlyagina

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 8,000x
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 5 kV
Vacuum: 1,55E-3 Pa
Horizontal Field Width: 37,3μm
Working Distance: 7,9 mm
Spot: 2,5 nA


this photo PhC-A-02 take the place of the photo PhC-A. The first stage of the feeding in the sea!!

Courtesy of Philippe Crassous

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 3181
Detector: SE
Voltage: 10
Vacuum: 10-4 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 93.8
Working Distance: 9.7
Spot: 3

In the beer

The image corresponds to the malted barley used in the elaboration of a craft beer. Plant cell structure can be observed.

Courtesy of Dr. Maria Carbajo , UNIVERSIDAD DE EXTREMADURA

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope

Magnification: 2000x
Sample: barley
Detector: SE
Voltage: 15kV
Horizontal Field Width: 149 μm
Working Distance: 10 mm
Spot: 5.0

Atomic Structure of a Family of Amyloid Fibrils

Pictured are the atomic-resolution structures of three amyloid polymorphs against a (falsely coloured) background image of the fibrils taken with a transmission electron microscope. Determining the fibril structures, and defining the major structural elements and interactions contributing to their hierarchical self-assembly, provides insight into the formation of polymorphic amyloid in a range of protein deposition disorders including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Image courtesy of Anthony W. P. Fitzpatrick, Christopher A. Waudby, Daniel K. Clare, Michele Vendruscolo and Christopher M. Dobson.

Courtesy of Dr. Anthony Fitzpatrick , University of Cambridge

Taken by Tecnai microscope

$10 Bill

This image is a mixed BSE/SE image of the ink on a ten dollar bill. EDS analysis showed that this ink coming from the torch contains aluminum, silicon, potassium, titanium, and iron.

Courtesy of Ben Anderson

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 273x
Sample: $10 Bill
Detector: Mixed BSE/SE
Voltage: 15 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 547 um
Working Distance: 17.6 mm
Spot: 5.0

Folivora - Pile of Microorganisms

Pile of microorganisms

Courtesy of Gokhan ERDOGAN

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 91x
Sample: Microorganism
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 2.0kV
Vacuum: 1.58e-5mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 3.28mm
Working Distance: 6.3mm
Spot: 3.0

The Heart of Nanowire

Ni Nanowires in a polymer matrix

Courtesy of Gerald Poirier

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 2696x
Detector: Se and BSE
Voltage: 15Kv
Vacuum: 2x10-5
Horizontal Field Width: 111 μm
Working Distance: 10.6 mm
Spot: 3 nA

Copper Metal with Sulfur

Copper metal with sulfur and chromium

Courtesy of Laura Schlimgen

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 200x
Detector: BSE
Voltage: 25 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 100 μm
Working Distance: 10.8 mm
Spot: 6.8 nA

MRSA Vs Macrophage

A mouse macrophage eating Staphylococcus aureus bacteria


Taken by Inspect microscope

Magnification: 12000
Sample: Cell and bacteria
Detector: EDT
Voltage: 25 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 24.9
Working Distance: 8.1 mm
Spot: 3.0

Gold on Carbon

New ICD Detector allows extreme high resolution at low kV

Courtesy of FEI

Taken by Verios XHR SEM microscope

Magnification: 600000
Detector: ICD
Voltage: 2.00
Horizontal Field Width: 212nm
Working Distance: 1.5

Gamma prime phase in Ni-based superalloy

Etched microstructure of the gamma prime phase strengthening Ni-based superalloys applied for jet engine turbine blades.

Courtesy of Mr. Radosław Swadźba , Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy

Taken by Inspect microscope

Magnification: 6000
Sample: Ni-based superalloy
Detector: BSE
Voltage: 15kV
Working Distance: 7.3
Spot: 4

Porous Alumina Membrane on Copper

Porous alumina membrane on copper.

Courtesy of Joern Leuthold

Taken by Nova NanoSEM microscope

Magnification: 30000x
Detector: TLD
Voltage: 5kV
Vacuum: 10^-6mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 9.95µm
Working Distance: 4.9mm
Spot: 3

Ceramic Particles

Ceramic particles imaged at low vacuum in Ultra-High Resolution mode.

Courtesy of Paul Gunning, Smith and Nephew

Taken by Nova NanoSEM microscope

Magnification: 27000x
Detector: Helix
Voltage: 5.00 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 11.1 μm
Working Distance: 3.3mm
Spot: 3.0 nA




Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 2331X
Detector: SE
Voltage: 10 kV
Vacuum: 1.09e-6 torr
Horizontal Field Width: 128 μm
Working Distance: 29.6 mm
Spot: 4.0 nA

Flower 2

Image of flower; courtesy of student Gabi Homonoff.

Courtesy of Alyssa Calabro

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope

Orderly crops

Etched Zinc oxide

Courtesy of yanzhu dai

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 5,000X
Sample: ZnO
Detector: SE
Voltage: 10kV
Working Distance: 15

Snap-Off Blade Knife

This is the fracture surface of a snap-off blade after breaking off one of the segments.

Courtesy of Joern Leuthold

Taken by Nova NanoSEM microscope

Magnification: 3000x
Detector: vCD
Voltage: 10 kV
Vacuum: 5*10^-6 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 99.5 µm
Working Distance: 5.1
Spot: 3

Senior technician

Unknown partical in field of tin balls on carbon

Courtesy of Dan Mallery

Taken by Certus 3D microscope