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Flowerlike CeO2 microspheres

Ceria has been extensively used as catalyst support for different reactions at Division of Catalysis and Chemical Processes (DCAP)/INT. This is mainly due to its redox properties, which are fundamental for catalyst stability.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 30,000x
Sample: CeO2
Detector: MIX: SE plus BSE
Voltage: 20 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 9.95
Working Distance: 11
Spot: 3.0



Courtesy of gu li

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 5,734x
Sample: gold
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 10.00kV
Vacuum: High vaccum
Horizontal Field Width: 20.00 μm
Working Distance: 8.9mm
Spot: 3.0

Automotive light bulb filament

Tungsten filament of a light bulb automotive unused.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Sample: Tungsten filament
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 10 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 1710 μm
Working Distance: 42.9
Spot: 3.2


Hydrothermally synthesized microclusters of SrCuSi4O10 crystals. We are interesting in exploring the hydrothermal chemistry of the metal copper tetrasilicate system in order to better match the size and morphology of our NIR emitting crystals to application.

Courtesy of Dr. Eric Formo , UGA

Taken by Teneo microscope

Blowing Bubbles


Courtesy of Mrs. Zehra Sinem YILMAZ , İzmir Institute of Technology Center for Materials Research

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 11,500x
Sample: TiO2
Detector: SE
Voltage: 15 kV
Vacuum: 1.41e-3 Pa
Horizontal Field Width: 36 μm
Working Distance: 9.1
Spot: 5.0

Pine Leaf

Pine tree leaf imaged on a Magellan XHR Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

Courtesy of FEI Image

Taken by Magellan XHR SEM microscope

Magnification: 160,000x
Voltage: 3.00 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 1.86 μm
Working Distance: 4.0 mm


This is growing on Lactuca sativa seed surface.

Courtesy of Yury Smirnov

Taken by Inspect microscope

Magnification: 11686
Sample: Lactuca sativa seed
Detector: SE
Voltage: 2kV
Horizontal Field Width: 25.5

Orchid Lip


Courtesy of Ms. Nurshaiba Md. Nasir

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 800 x
Sample: Flower
Detector: LFD
Voltage: 5 kV
Vacuum: Low Vacuum
Working Distance: 10.9 mm
Spot: 3.0

Single-Crystalline Gold

Electrochemically grown single-crystalline gold

Courtesy of Dongchan Jang

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 50000x
Sample: Gold
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 10 kv
Horizontal Field Width: 6 microns
Working Distance: 9.5
Spot: 3

Gypsum Flower

Gypsum (CaSO4•2H2O), monoclinic crystals grown on the wood (spongeous structure, in the background) of the warship "USS Monitor", sank in the Atlantic Ocean during the American Civil War.

Courtesy of Egle Conforto

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope

Magnification: 600x
Detector: Gaseous-SE
Voltage: 20 kV
Vacuum: 2 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 200 microns
Working Distance: 13.5 mm
Spot: 3.6 nA

Ostrich Crystals

Sulfur-rich crystal formations deposited on the RJ Lee Group Passive Aerosol Sampler. Collected at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. (Image collected by Darlene McAllister.)

Courtesy of Ashley Moore

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 10000x
Detector: TLD
Voltage: 5 kV
Working Distance: 3.9
Spot: 3

Cross-Section of a 3 Die Stack

Cross-Section of a 3 Die Stack

Courtesy of FEI

Taken by Vion Plasma microscope

Sample: silicon
Horizontal Field Width: 171 μm
Working Distance: 16.6 mm

CuInSe2 Thin Films

CuInSe2 (Copper indium gallium selenide)thin films grown by electrodeposition in aqueous solution. The dendritic and colum structure shows the formation of nuclei growing in irregular regions of the substrate.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 20,000x
Sample: CuInSe2 thin film.
Detector: Mix: SE+BSE
Voltage: 30 kV
Vacuum: 7,96e-7 torr
Horizontal Field Width: 14,9 μm
Working Distance: 10.1 mm
Spot: 2.0 nA


Block face imaging using the Teneo VolumeScope of rat vessel. The LUT was changed to the fiji Fire LUT to enhance the extracellular matrix (dark blue). This structure has an important role in scaffold and tissue stress absoption as well as storage for different growth factors.

Courtesy of Dr. eric hanssen , Bio21 Institute

Taken by Teneo microscope

Sample: Rat skin in epoxy resin
Detector: BSE
Voltage: 3 kV
Vacuum: 0.5mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 0.122
Working Distance: 8.72
Spot: 9.0

Hotbed for TEM

An in-house unltra-clean and ultra thin C grid made for customized TEM sample placement.

Courtesy of Mr. liang hong , WDC

Taken by Helios NanoLab microscope

Magnification: 1,500
Sample: C/Cu
Detector: External
Voltage: 3kv
Vacuum: high
Horizontal Field Width: 138um
Working Distance: 4mm
Spot: 2

Slip in a compressed tantalum micropillar

Slip in a compressed tantalum micropillar

Courtesy of Mr. Dan Sorensen , Medtronic Inc

Taken by Versa 3D microscope


Hybrid inorganic/polymer based photovoltaic nanodevices offer the promise of low cost large area conversion of solar energy to electricity. Nanostructures of zinc oxide have shown supreme capabilities in emerging technologies ranging from solar energy harvesting to biosensing. However, the ability to control the size and position of these nanostructures is crucial for fabricating nanodevices with remarkable properties and astonishing solar energy conversion efficiencies. Herein, we present a collection of scanning electron micrographs of zinc oxide nanostructures prepared by low temperature hydrothermal methods Image taken and Processed by Luisa Whittaker PhD.

Courtesy of Gerald Poirier

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 25000x
Sample: ZnO nano wires
Detector: SE
Voltage: 15Kev
Vacuum: -5 torr
Working Distance: 10mm
Spot: 3

Blue Cave

The image represents a fracture into a leaf from a decorative plant. It was made using the GSED detector, in SE mode, at a 10kV, spot 4.

Courtesy of Dr. Berbecaru Andrei , UPB-ECOMET

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 2,500x
Sample: Leaf
Detector: GSED - SE
Voltage: 10kV
Horizontal Field Width: 166
Working Distance: 5.1
Spot: 4.0

GaN on Patterned Sapphire

This picture is initial growth state of GaN on patterned sapphire. 

Courtesy of miyang kim

Taken by Nova NanoSEM microscope

Magnification: 20000X
Detector: SE (ETD)
Voltage: 10KV
Vacuum: .3mbar
Working Distance: 4.9 mm


YMnO3 thin film grown by MOCVD on silicon substrate at 800°C. Image taken by Ionela Iliescu and Patrick Chaudouet.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 15,000x
Sample: YMnO3
Detector: SE
Voltage: 15 kV
Vacuum: HV
Working Distance: 9.7
Spot: 3.5


Biofilm on carbon steel after immersion in seawater for 14 days.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 8,984X
Detector: Mix: SE + BSE
Voltage: 10 kV
Vacuum: 1.13e-5 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 33.2 μm
Working Distance: 10 mm
Spot: 3.5 nA

Silicon Nanopillars

Silicon nanopillars produced by micromasking effect during RIE process

Courtesy of Raul Perez

Taken by Nova NanoSEM microscope

Magnification: 100000x
Detector: TLD
Voltage: 29kV
Vacuum: 1^-5mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 3um
Working Distance: 6.9 mm
Spot: 3.0 nA

Developing Glandular Trichomes of Basil

Formation of glandular trichomes on lower leaf surface of a young leaf of basil (Ocimum basilicum). The smaller trichomes with four evident cells have just formed and the cuticles covering their four glandular cells still adhere to the glandular cells. Three of the larger trichomes are more mature and essential oils secreted from the glandular cells of these trichomes have caused the cuticles covering them to separate from the cells and balloon outward, hiding the glandular cap cells below. This unfixed leaf was imaged with an FEI Quanta 200F SEM in environmental mode at Washington State University’s Franceschi Microscopy and Imaging Center. Scale bar = 150 µm.

Courtesy of Glenn Turner

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 400 x
Sample: unfixed leaf of basil (Ocimum basilicum)
Detector: GSED
Voltage: 20 kV
Vacuum: 130 Pa
Horizontal Field Width: 376 µm
Working Distance: 9.9 mm
Spot: 3.0

Influenza Virus under EM

Influenza A virus sample taken via FEI Tecnai TF20, liquid ethane plunge frozen.

Courtesy of Mr. Long Gui , University of Washington

Taken by Tecnai microscope

Magnification: 11,500X
Sample: influenza A virus
Detector: CCD
Voltage: 200 kV
Vacuum: 6 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 2.00
Working Distance: 4.0
Spot: 3.0


Atomic resolution scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) image of nanoscale precipitates in an Al-Cu-Li-Mg-Ag aerospace alloy, tilted on the [100] zone axis. Acquired in high angle annular dark field (HAADF) mode. The pixel size is 0.02 nm, acquired over 4 minutes with no post processing. Dr. Matthew Weyland, Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy, Prof. B.C. Muddle and S. Gao, ARC Centre for Excellence Design in Light Metals Titan3™ 80-300 S/TEM

Courtesy of Dr. Matthew Weyland, Prof. B.C. Muddle, and S. Gao

Taken by Titan Themis 200 microscope