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Helios 5 DualBeam for Semiconductors

The world's most advanced DualBeam platform for imaging, analysis, and TEM sample preparation

The Thermo Scientific™ Helios™ 5 DualBeam™ family of instruments enables new users to become proficient faster and quickly take advantage of the performance capabilities of this 5th generation FIB/SEM. Automated tool management keeps the system in optimum alignment, ready to deliver the highest performance for both automated and manual usage. Patterning improvements ensure the highest quality depositions at any condition. The Helios 5 delivers the highest resolution STEM imaging in a DualBeam, alongside the fastest ultra-thin TEM sample preparation to meet the challenges of sub 7nm node analysis and beyond. These improvements coupled with our service offerings will make the Helios 5 family the most productive semiconductor lab instruments. 

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Cross-section imaging

The innovative Elstar electron column with UC+ monochromator technology provides the foundation of the systems' unprecedented high-resolution imaging capability. This high-resolution imaging capability is now accessible to all users, improved focus routines and automated alignments ensure that the system is always ready to deliver the best imaging at any condition.  This translates to SEM resolution of 0.6nm at optimum working distance and 0.8nm at beam coincidence. High-resolution, low-damage electron beam imaging is critical for identifying defects or structural problems within the bulk sample and endpointing on ultra-thin TEM lamellas. Operating at very low landing energies is also critical to minimize beam-induced damage on sensitive materials such as low-k dielectric or photoresist.

Shorten Time-to-Data

The Helios 5 FX DualBeam comes with a compustage that holds TEM Grids and supports all TEM and Atom Probe sample preparation workflows. For semiconductor labs supporting failure analysis, pathfinding, or sub 7 nm process development, the requirement to create high-quality, site-specific TEM lamellas presents unique challenges and opportunities. These samples must be ultra-thin with the lamella thicknesses equal or less than the technology node.  Thin samples that are correctly targeted allows you to visualize the structures of interest and eliminate adjacent structures from the resultant analysis.  Following sample preparation, a user can utilize the STEM 4 detector and 3 Å resolution to shorten the time to useable data.

STEM image of carbon nanotubes showing sub 3Å resolution of carbon atoms

Bright Field STEM image of 14nm FinFET

High Angle Annular Dark Field STEM image of a 14nm FinFET device showing multiple layers and interconnect

Higher Throughput

In order to support the rapid development and process ramp of new products, consistency and throughput are critical drivers for TEM sample preparation. Innovative techniques and groundbreaking automation both increase the speed and ease of use in making ultra-thin TEM samples. AutoTEM 5 Software will allow users to focus on the most critical steps of lamella preparation.