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High Volume Manufacturing

A revolution in TEM imaging and metrology volumes

Producers of components for the consumer microelectronics industry face increasingly challenging processes which require very precise and repeatable yield control.  Thermo Scientific produces dedicated workflow solutions which enable high performance yield characterization for the data storage and semiconductor markets.

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Our latest next-generation products focus on advanced analytical capabilities for failure analysis and process control. These solutions are designed to help increase productivity in semiconductor fabs and labs by improving quality control and yield in the manufacture of 3D NAND, logic, DRAM, analog and display devices. 

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Products for High Volume Manufacturing

Helios NanoLab 1200AT DualBeam for Semiconductors
The Thermo Scientific™ Helios NanoLab 1200AT DualBeam™ is the newest generation of our full-wafer DualBeam and has been designed to satisfy 14nm node and beyond TEM sample preparation challenges. This system is capable of producing sub 15nm thick lamella samples in exactly the right location to capture point defects and isolate pre-defined structures for monitoring.
Metrios TEM for Semiconductors
Advanced logic and memory manufacturing processes are becoming more reliant on fast turnaround of precise structural and analytical data to quickly calibrate tool sets, diagnose yield excursions and optimize process yields.  At technology nodes below 28nm, conventional SEM or optical based analysis and inspection tools cannot provide useful data. The Thermo Scientific Metrios™ TEM automates the basic TEM operation and measurement procedures and minimizes the requirements for specialized operator training. Its advanced automated metrology routines deliver significantly greater precision than manual methods. The Metrios TEM is designed to deliver high volume TEM data, with accurate and repeatable operation - at the lowest cost-per-sample.
ExSolve WTP DualBeam for Semiconductors
The Thermo Scientific™ ExSolve wafer TEM prep (WTP) DualBeam dramatically reduces the cost and increases the speed of sample preparation, providing semiconductor and data storage manufacturers with quick and easy access to the data they need to verify and monitor process performance.

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