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A revolution in high productivity TEM imaging, analysis and metrology

Consumer demand is driving the electronics market to produce faster, smaller, cheaper, more power efficient portable devices. Device manufacturers must place a high premium on both time-to-market and device performance . On an operational level, this means working with shrinking geometries, new materials and novel architectures.  At this level of innovation, critical dimensions are simply too small to see or characterize with existing tools.  New, high productivity, increasingly TEM-centric workflows are required to perform this work.

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Electrical Failure Analysis

Highest throughput, highest resolution large area deprocessing, sample preparation and characterization of 10nm devices

The Helios G4 PFIB HXe DualBeam™ System provides unique capabilities to enable damage-free delayering of 10nm semiconductor devices and advanced failure analysis of 3D packages, in addition to a wide range of other large area FIB processing applications.

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Meet our newest innovative products

Our latest next-generation products focus on advanced analytical capabilities for failure analysis and process control. These solutions are designed to help increase productivity in semiconductor fabs and labs by improving quality control and yield in the manufacture of 3D NAND, logic, DRAM, analog and display devices. 

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High Volume and Fast Turnaround Automated Inline TEM Sample Preparation

Throughput and turnaround of current TEM sample preparation methods in the lab are limited due to the level of difficulty and process time required for producing TEM lamellae. To improve TEM sample preparation time, the plan view sampling techniques as well as cross sectional whole wafer TEM sample preparation by a DualBeam (FIB/SEM) system were introduced into the manufacturing environment.

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