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Electron Microscopy Solutions

Tools and Resources for Students and Professionals

As an industry leader, Thermo Fisher Scientific understands the importance of educating students on the fundamentals and advances in nano scale imaging. Below are foundational tools and resources for students and teachers.

Within Resources, you can:

MyScope™ Outreach

MyScope Outreach is a free online virtual microscope that is ideal for teaching younger students the fundamentals of microscopy while acting as an introduction to electron microscopy for older students. Discover how this easy-to-use platform can enhance your science curriculum.

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Image Gallery

View a gallery of microscopy images submitted by Thermo Fisher Scientific and our customer. During our annual image contest, our customers share their work that is not only scientifically relevant but also creative, artistic, and beautiful.

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An Introduction to Electron Microscopy - now available for the web and the classroom

In 2005, we created "An Introduction to Electron Microscopy", a booklet designed to help students, teachers and others learn more about the fascinating world of electron microscopy and nanotechnology. Since its introduction, more than 10,000 copies have been distributed worldwide, and 5,000 downloads of the PDF from fei.com.

We are proud to introduce two new additions to the "An Introduction to Electron Microscopy" family - an online version of the popular booklet, and a PowerPoint presentation and teacher's script for use in the classroom. We recognize the importance of sharing our expertise in microscopy with students and teachers around the world. We hope you find these materials useful in bringing our world to yours. Click the link below to get started.

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