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X-FEG Monochromator upgrade for Titan

The X-FEG enables the fastest spectroscopy and low voltage S/TEM imaging while minimizing sample degradations under the electron beam for beam sensitive materials. With the best energy resolution, chemical analysis and band gap studies are easy and fast.

Key benefits:

  • Explore the frontiers of electron microscopy with the combination of an X-FEG with corrector and monochromator technology.
  • Upgrade your Titan S/TEM with the new X-FEG/ Monochromator to boost your performance with the fastest spectroscopy and low
    voltage S/TEM imaging.
  • Use the advantages of an easy dose control, improved low-kV TEM imaging, and being able to work with delicate samples in the S/TEM microscope without degrading sensitive materials.
  • Gain results faster with the better energy resolution for EELS fine structure analysis.
  • Maximize analytical probe currents to improve lateral resolution in chemical analysis.
  • Benefit from the excellent stability of the emission in automated experiments.
  • The ease of use coupled with the long life time and robustness of Schottky emitter technology maximizes your throughput.

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