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TEMLink System Datasheet

Key Benefits

  • Consistent, repeatable, and fast extraction of up to 20 lamella/hour (based on 1 wafer) with proven robustness of >90%. Probe lifetime is >150 lamella (use case dependent).
  • FOUP based file management with a completely redesigned workflow allows for automatic reading of a docked FOUP’s carrier ID, and then association of the FOUP with the appropriate site lists without user interaction.
  • Flexibility for users to search, sort, and select sites for plucking from the loaded FOUP to accommodate hot lots for processing.
  • Workflow connectivity allows critical process data to be tracked through sample prep and plucking. This data is passed to the downstream Thermo Scientific Metrios™ DX TEM. At plucking completion, an overview image of the grid is available or viewing along with site information for each lamella.

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