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Piezo Stage Extension Datasheet

The new Piezo stage extension enables ultra-precise movement in all directions (X, Y and Z).

Key Benefits:

  • Fast navigation on the atomic scale 20 pm finest step allows for the most precise movement of the specimen to enable fastest
    navigation on the atomic scale
  • Highest performance in dynamic experiments The stimulus of dynamic holder experiments can cause linear drift limiting the
    resolution. The continuous Jog mode compensates this drift and enables highest resolution while keeping the navigation capability
    optimal at the same time.
  • Faster time to data by faster specimen loading Full compensation of thermal linear drift after loading the specimen to reduce the time to reach atomic resolution to 10 - 15 minutes.
  • High quality S/TEM imaging at any high tension Focusing by Piezo movement of the specimen heights eliminates changes of optical lens settings. This is beneficial for all users with different experience levels preventing unwanted alignment changes, for instance aberrations of the Cs corrector optics.
  • Available for upgrades on existing Titan tools The retrofit downtime is minimized, because the vacuum of the column stays active during the Piezo extension upgrade.

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