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Glacios Cryo-TEM

Sample screening and data acquisition for single particle analysis made easy

Adopt cryo-electron microscopy with improved ease-of-use and a high level of automation.

The new Thermo Scientific™ Glacios™ Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscope (Cryo-TEM) delivers a complete cryo-EM solution. It features 200 kV X-FEG optics, the industry-leading Autoloader for cryogenic sample manipulation, and innovative automation for ease of use, all bundled into a small footprint that simplifies installation.

Key Benefits  
  • Enhanced ease-of-use. Automated alignments and systematic user guidance allow easy SPA operation from one single interface (EPU).
  • Small footprint. Compact hardware architecture, minimizing room and access route requirements.  
  • Optimal tool performance. Self-assessment of microscope optical status, combined with automated alignments ensuring optimal experimental conditions are always available.  
  • Workflow connectivity. Guaranteed compatibility allows robust and contamination-free transfer of samples between Autoloader equipped instruments (Krios, Arctica, and Glacios Cryo-TEMs).  
  • Maximum throughput. Batch screening of up to 12 sample grids, creating overview atlases and classifying the ice films for guided selection of grid squares.  
  • Tailored flexibility. Versatile system that can be configured for sample screening, SPA data acquisition, Tomography, or STEM applications.

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