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Aquilos Cryo-FIB Datasheet

The Thermo Scientific™ Aquilos™ Cryo-FIB is a cryo-dedicated DualBeam™ system that delivers optimal sample preparation for high-end cryo-TEM tomography. The Aquilos completes our cryo-electron tomography workflow, allowing researchers to reliably create samples with precisely controlled thickness with minimal investment in time and effort.

Key Benefits

Produce cryo-lamellas for cryo-tomography using autoloader TEM systems. Cryo-dedicated hardware inside the chamber ensures minimal sample contamination, sample damage and loss of correlation accuracy, as the sample will not be unloaded from the main stage.

Create thinner cryo-lamella without cutting artifacts. Ion beam milling enables the creation of compression-free cryo-amella samples for TEM tomography imaging. The method voids artifacts such as mechanical compression inevitable for mechanical cryo-sectioning, using a cryo-ultramicrotome.

Improve sample preparation precision. Using the guided user software and Maps correlation software makes the quilos Cryo-FIB easy to use, even for inexperienced users.

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