Correlative Microscopy

Biological systems are vastly complex, but the ability to see detailed relationships between structure and function at various levels of resolution and within a functional correlated context brings greater understanding.

For the most comprehensive results, a correlative approach is the best; however, correlative methods in the past were time-consuming, limited in accuracy and, sometimes, even impossible. But FEI has changed the way correlative microscopy is conducted, with new solutions designed for ease of use, accuracy and efficiency. Both light and electron microscopists will appreciate FEI's comprehensive methods. Take a moment to discover which workflow is right for you.

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Integrated Correlative Workflow

Non-Integrated Correlative Workflow


Correlative Microscopy Solutions Brochure

Correlative microscopy presents challenges that FEI is addressing with new technologies and developments that allow biological researchers to conduct correlative microscopy experiments that are fast, accurate and easy.

Our dedicated solutions are significantly improving the success in completing multiple types of correlative experiments by addressing the challenges with sample fixation, preparation, imaging and correlation in different workflows.

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